Pipex up for sale?

March 23, 2007

Pipex logoWell, it looks as if one of the original high-quality ISPs have decided to get out of the game and cash in their chips.

Pipex has seemingly ‘put itself up for sale’ and hung a price tag of £300m - £350m around its’ own neck. Must be nice to be able to do that I suppose!

But, to quote a cheesy line from ‘Oliver’ - who will buy?

It looks like Carphone Warehouse, BT and Orange are all possibly interested in adding a little sparkle to their portfolios, but wait… Oh no - both BSkyB and Virgin Media are interested!

Ding-Ding, round - err, whatever we’re up to…

One minute Sky are up half a head, the next it’s VM by a nose. Is any of this good news for the people on the street? As Pipex have recently swallowed up several smallish but well-performing ISP minnows, and are pretty well-respected themselves, isn’t this just a reduction in the choice on offer in the marketplace?

Scarier still, will they find themselves as simply a pawn in the continuing war between the two giants of multi-faceted media wotsits?

We’ll have to wait and see, as usual.

Curiouser and … Oh enough already!


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