customers not being paid, losing phones

Brian Turner

November 25, 2010

Techwatch has been receiving a flood of complaints about this month, claiming that the company is not paying out for mobile phones sent to it.

Skyphones is one of the newer businesses advertising themselves as a mobile phone recycling company.

However, not only are consumers reporting they are not receiving their money, they are also reporting that they are unable to contact Skyphones about the issues.

We did a little digging here at Techwatch towers, and despite trying to call Skyphones multiple times, we constantly receive a default engaged tone. The company appears unable to answer the phone.

Additionally, the Facebook group created by Skyphones themselves reads as nothing but a string of complaints about the company not paying up.

While the first posts on Facebook give the impression of general satisfaction at its launch 4 months ago, these quickly deteriorate even after the first weeks.

The complaints start with less money being offered for mobile phone recycling than originally stated on the website.

Then they become a torrent of complaints about payments not being made, phones not being returned, and the company being uncontactable.

Various claims of contacting Trading Standards and being advised of Skyphones being in “breach of contract” appear to have been made - all without any response from Skyphones themselves.

In all the barrage of complaints about Skyphones on their own Facebook page, there is only a single reply from someone claiming to be from the company, who only appears briefly four months ago to apologise for late payments due to company computer problems.

There is no further word from them after.

There are also a number of similar complaints on the Money Saving Expert forums.

Is a scam?

It could simply be that Skyphones are unable to cope with the volume of mobile phones being sent to them, as opposed to anything more nefarious.

However, at this stage, unless Skyphones are able to make a public comment on why the internet is fast becoming littered with complaints about them, we can only recommend consumers think twice about sending their phones to the company.

We’ve covered the issue before: Mobile Phone Recycling companies: scam? A review, where we pointed out that there are a small number of companies who have been in the business for years and can be considered generally reliable.

Companies such as Fonebank, MobilePhoneXchange, Mazuma Mobile, and Envirofone, all seem to have passed the test of time, despite some customer care problems along the way - issues these companies are believed to have addressed long ago.

However, there remains a slew of less reputable companies, often working as nothing more than referrers, affiliates, or lead generation websites for the industry, where they are unable to provide any degree of customer support.

It remains unclear what the problem with is at present - however, as the company appears incapable of answering press requests for comment, you may want to think very hard as to whether you really want to send your mobile phones to Skyphones.


Comments in chronological order (65 comments)

  1. Mike says:

    Dear Customers,

    Skyphones would like to sincerely apologize for the negative experience that you had with our company. This is not representative of the way we treat our customers. We are very sorry that it has taken such a long time to remit our payments to you and we hope that you will understand that we have been experiencing some extremely high volume of mobile phones being sent to us. However we would like to inform you, that we are now on the road to recovery and anticipate to clear all our backlog of orders before the 21 of December 2010. Thank you for your patience and please be assured that we
    will do everything in our power to ensure that this type of error does not occur in the future and payments will reach our customers in time.
    Skyphones Management

  2. Phill says:

    I have currently two phones with Skyphones and I have received 2 emails from them but no payment. I can only hope that theis so called delay is resolved. The next step, taking advice from Trading Standards is to contact both the police and issue a solicitors letter in relation to them retaining goods they have not issued payment for. Also it is worth retaining your phones IMEI number so you can report it as stolen and have it fully blocked. Hopefully skyphones will resolve this issue but until they do it looks like bad news for the consumer.

  3. Andrew Brown says:

    I have an LG phone with Skyphones. The “used” value was originally £25 when we sent it to them, which had dropped to £22 when they checked it and they offered £17 because of “a few light scratches”, ok their small print allows for an adjustment of -5% for “Signs of general wear and tear” but £17 from £25 is more like a whopping 32%. To add insult to injury, payment was promised on 15th Novemeber and it’s now 3rd December. I agree with Phill that the next move should be Police and Trading Standards. I think I will run out of patience long before 21st December.

  4. george says:

    i have sent off 2 phones 8 weeks ago again they reduce they price they originally offered me by £15, it seems to be getting worse. they have never responded to my emails but i finally got through on the phone and was told i would be paid this evening but i have not received anything. NEVER USE THE SITE!!! HAS ANYONE BEEN PAID YET?

  5. tony says:

    sent of a Nokia N900 6 weeks ago, they said £146 would be paid on the 9/11/10, now the 15/12/10 and still no payment received, they do not respond to emails, the phone is wither engaged or an answer service. Next step after the 21st is to report the phone STOLEN to the Police and will get my solicitor involved. I still have the IMEI registered to my Vodafone account and will get it blacklisted. STAY AWAY FROM THESE BANDITS, you have been warned !!!!

  6. Andrew Brown says:

    Paid today! Only 3 weeks late! I shoulf be happy but somehow I’m not. This is one company I never want to hear about again.

  7. Daniel Jones says:

    I sent my Blackberry Storm in to them in November, I received an email on the 1st December saying the phone had some scratches on it which resulted in a £10 drop. They then informed me that if I didnt accept I can pay £12 to have it returned.

    It is now the 29th December - no money - no response - no answer from their phone. I may just contact my insurance to see if I can claim it stolen. In a way I guess it has as it has not been paid for and is being held ransom for £12 lol.

  8. Sheila says:

    well - Mike’s comment is good news but I’m still owed 80 quid after I was sent a rubber cheque. Mike - if you’re still reading - can I have my money or my phone back, please?

  9. Manojit says:

    I am bloody stupid to choose this Sky phone to recycle my phone, sent a month ago still waiting for payment…we all need to report this to Police n Trading standards.

  10. Louisa says:

    I sent in a phone before Christmas and was notified that I would receive a reduced payment because of scratching- I was furious because the phone was in fantastic condition when I sent it. I accepted the payment though as I did not want to pay the ridiculous fee of £12 to have it returned.

    I’m almost in tears, because I am desperate for this money and I feel completely had over. I have sent countless emails and I am too frightened to phone them in case it costs the earth per minute to call. I am so angry and just want my phone back so I can send it to a reputable company and get the money I deserve. It annoys me that I found it through a decent comparison website too. Surely they should have known Skyphones’ reputation. What can we do?

  11. E M says:

    Complete fraud. This company refuses to respond and when forced to by intermediary, tells blatant lies of monies being sent.

    Shall not be ripped off by them and will proceed through civil and criminal proceedings.

    Message to Skyphones - If you WERE genuine you would communicate.

  12. Bevan says:

    I recieved an email 12 days ago saying that they recieved my phone and that it is currently being tested. Since then I haven’t had a single response to any of my 3 emails nor have I had any luck phoning them. I will give it until next week then I will be taking this further.

  13. Vicky says:

    I’m having the same problem sent them my almost brand new Sony Erriccson Vivaz beginning of December and am still waiting for payment, sent them endless emails and have tried dozens of times to phone with no answer. I’m totally fed up as far as I’m concerned they have stolen my phone, don’t know what to do next as I’m not letting them get away with it.

  14. jeremy Smyth says:

    I’m having the same problem sent a 3 month old Nokia, quoted £82.00, but now haven’t received payment! Was emailed to say its was being processed on the 13 January 2011 and still not received it. Tried ringing but can’t leave a message and no one answers. Emailed several times and had no response. Just been on to Watch Dog and asked them to investigate. What’s annoying me is there webpage says they have recycled so many thousand phones today! I want my phone or the money due to me.

  15. Leon catani says:

    I intend contacting the police, as I feel that Skyphones have stolen my Nokia ‘phone. They are just a bunch of con artists !

  16. tony says:

    see previous comment on 15/12/10, I received an email from them on the 4th January apologising about the late payment due to difficulties in keeping up with orders. They said that they would be making a payment to my bank the next day!! well didn’t receive the next day but did receive 8 days later and it was for more than the original quote of £146, they paid me £158. Although releived that I have now received the money would still not deal with them again, they shoud be removed from the comparison sites…. !!!!

  17. Paul Collins says:

    Still no payment i will be looking to take them to court

  18. Dawn Swinfield says:

    I sent my Nokia n85 off to sky phones on 5th Jan 2011 with the understanding i would be paid £89.00. They emailed me 8th Jan to say thet had recieved it, then anither email saying it was scratched and they would now offer me £45, I accepted this and the last email i had was 21st Jan saying my payment was being processed, as of today 3rd Feb, still no payment, i have emailed them twice with no reply and tried to call, only to get an answering service which states you can not leave a message. I want to take this furthur but not sure what path to take anybody any ideas.

  19. Nicola Scott says:

    Sent my handset to Skyphones on 1st December then recieved an email a few days later to say it hadn’t been received. 7th December received notification the phone had arrived. Few days later another email to say my phone was not in order and the amount offered was 25% lower than originallly agreed!! Asked them to explain how this had come about no reply. 19th December received email to advise payment was being processed. Afetr sending them numerous emails which they fail to reply to and trying to contact by phone but they never answer I am still waiting for payment almost 7 weeks later. Absolute joke

  20. Carol Snowden says:

    I sent my Sony off to Skyphones in October. I received an email saying they’ve received it and then another dropping the price by £3.00. I emailed them in January asking where my money was and they replied saying they had a backlog. Numerous emails and threats of trading standards later, and I’m still waiting for my money.
    Surely if they were a rogue company they wouldn’t send emails saying they’d received all these phones. By responsing to receipt of them surely they’re intending to pay????
    Think I’ll have to take this further as they’re obviously still trading which is a joke!!!

  21. Darren says:

    I valued my phone with this company and agreed to sell for £80, I then recieved an email a couple of days later asking me to hurry and to post my phone asap to avoid the value of the phone dropping. My phone was posted 4th Jan I then recieved an email stating they had recieved the phone and would be testing it. 23rd Jan recieved another email regarding my payment was being processed. Still no payment and no response to my 2 emails or calls. What a con………

  22. phil says:

    after sending my blackberry over 2 months ago i still havent recieved payment, i have been adviced to sent them a letter by consumer advice which i did yesterday giving them 14 days to pay, i think i might have a trip to the address on the site, i will pst what happens next

  23. Larry says:

    For all of those unfortunate people who have sent their mobile phones to Skyphones.
    If you have your IMEI number of the phone that you sent to, you can do a couple of things.
    Contact Consumer Direct on 08454 04 05 06 they will advise you to send Skyphones a letter informing them that they have breached their contract with you and that you require an immediate settlement of payment within 7-14 days. Make sure you send all details of the transaction including the order number they gave you!
    Sending it recorded delivery will provide you with proof of delivery “that’s if someone is there to sign for it that is”
    If they do not respond which again is very doubtful, then in contacting consumer direct again they will only advise you again to send another letter, which to be honest is not really of much help, when “Skyphones” will not respond anyway! Consumer Direct is basically not of much help in this instance….. If at all to be perfectly honest! That’s the government for you!

    Secondly it would be advisable to Contact your provider of the phone (o2, Virgin, T-mobile etc etc), the one that you sent to this appalling company, explain to your provider what has happened and they can place a total block on the phone when you give them the IMEI number! (MAKE SURE IT’S THE PHONE YOU SENT TO SKYPHONES AND NOT THE ONE YOU ARE USING)
    This would render the phone totally useless to them or anyone who uses it (even those who may have purchased your phone through this company would also be blocked, as soon as it is turned on the signal with the IMEI number will be picked up and the phone will be blocked permanently) Please be aware that if this is done in the event of you obtaining the phone back (extremely doubtful) then the phone will be of no use to you or anyone else…. except the battery or for parts! You may not get your cash or the phone back, but at least they cannot use the phones!

    The next step is a drastic measure but a must for all, contact the Metropolitan Police on 0300 123 1212 explain briefly what has happened to the operator, they will then transfer you through to the department that deals with this. Next explain to the person/officer what has happened and that you wish to report your phone as stolen they will ask for the details of your phone including your IMEI number (yes STOLEN you can do this, it is classed as theft and obtaining goods by deception) Also give them the details of the company and its address, the more people that do this, they will have to act against them.
    After explaining this to the Police you will then be given a incident (CAD) number, which will be followed up as more and more people are now being conned out of their phones.
    The company is still currently refusing to answer the phone or honour contracts that it has entered into with customers who have sent them their phones.

    Good luck and next time try not to go for those that offer a slightly better price, don’t be too greedy was all this worth the extra few quid? Use the well known reputable and trustworthy recycle phone companies, at least they pay up and are better to deal with.

  24. Louisa says:

    What if you don’t have an IMEI number? Can you still report it as stolen?

  25. Larry says:

    Mobile phone owners should always make a note of their IMEI number,just in case it is stolen or accidentally lost,as the cost of replacements are quite expensive if they are not insured!
    You can then have the phone blocked so no one else can use it. So it might be worth making a note of it and putting the IMEI number somewhere safe….

    Unfortunately if you do not have your IMEI number, there is not a lot else you can do.
    However whilst you can still report it to the Police as stolen by the company, for them to take any further action regarding your mobile, as far as I am aware they would still really need the IMEI number along with the make model number etc!
    If you have the old box look on that,the IMEI number should be on the side panel along with the details of the mobile telephone number allocated to the phone at the time of purchase.
    Other then that,the best thing to do is send a letter to the company demanding settlement within 14 days or you will be taking legal action!
    But as I am sure you are already aware, they are not responding to telephone calls,emails let alone letters etc!
    So sorry I would not hold your breath so to speak in either getting your money from them or getting the phone back.
    Basically it would appear that they are obtaining these phones by deception,in that they are not completing the payment and breaking the contract between themselves and you the customer! In other words they are breaking the law!
    If you are in the area then pay them a visit and see if you can get a response,but its doubtful?

  26. Larry says:

    The Metropolitan Police have visited this company after receiving numerous complaints for theft and have found that most of the workers are not of UK decent (Immigrant workers) needless to say English supposedly is not there first spoken language! Now how come that does not surprise me in the slightest?
    They checked the company and found that it has poor management and that some people are being paid by the company whilst many others are not. Their financial books are needless to say are not very well kept & one can only guess that they are not a UK owned business and do not appear to be working according to British Laws (Polish I think)
    The police say that as they are paying out to some people for their phones,and as this is the case there is not a lot they can do; this is despite the theft of many customers’ phones! They offered little help in prosecution,as no one would admit being manager as per usual.So the Police could not hold anyone responsible! again how come that doesn’t surprise me!

    As for those who sent their phones the news is not so good and the only yet pathectic advice from the Police, was to pay the company a visit and demand payment!!
    Although as i mentioned no one admits to being the manager and all play the usual “Sorry no speak English” yet they are allowed to work and operate a business in the UK.
    My only other suggestion now is to contact the BBC watchdog program (email them or write to them, at Watchdog, MC4 C5, Media Centre, Wood Lane, London W12 7TQ.
    Send them details of your complaint, and maybe with a lot of complaints they will take up the story and pay the company a visit and in the hope that they can close this company down for good!
    Maybe one day we will have a government and also a Police Force that will act and do what they are paid to do, and that is protect & serve the citizens of the United Kingdom. Sorry I cannot call it Great Britain anymore as i think we have now lost that dignity.
    I have done my best to help and will continue to update as any news becomes available….in the meantime don’t give up or let them get away with it…

  27. Amanda Bryan says:

    I sent my phone in the beginning of January and got an email confirming they had recieved it and then another email confirming it had passed the tests and payment on its way. That was 5 weeks ago and still no money.

  28. Nicola Scott says:

    Please see my previous post of 4th February. Good news guys I have now (finally!!) received the payment for my phone so please don’t give up hope!! I know it’s a pain to keep having to contact them and having to wait so long but keep sending emails. I was getting really frustrated as it took approx 8 week for my payment to be processed which is a joke considering it states 7 days on their website! I emailed them to advise that I had contacted the office of fair trading and that if I din’t receieve payment within the next 14 days then I would look at taking things further. Then low and behold the money suddenly appears in my account! They didn’t even email me to say I had been paid I just noticed the money in my account. I do not like to use threat tactics but it seems this is the only way to get through to these guys!! I will never use Skyphones again it’s just not woth all the hassle. Wishing everyone good luck x

  29. matt yates says:

    posted my 2 nokia 6500slides 2 weeks ago with proof of posting a week later had email stating they havent recived them sent email sayingthere were sent then this week still get email saying they havent recived them have tryed ring with out any anwser not happy i want my phones back or the money they offer me for them

  30. daniel jones says:

    What email is everyone trying. I posted on here a while ago stating I hadn’t received my money and still haven’t.

  31. Larry says:

    Update Skyphones…Non Payment!
    Despite the “good news” if you can call it that, of the odd one or two people lucky enough to be paid out,there are literally hundreds if not thousands who have not been paid and the numbers will continue to rise as long as this company is allowed or able to operate.

    Despite repeated attempts to obtain the payment for my mobile,and after trying various legal ways of trying to obtain my money, all of which failed! I was now forced and ready to pay them a visit.
    After finding the place called “Vision House” the building backs on to a Sainsburys Supermarket Store”. I eventually managed to enter the building only after the person who opened the door asked “who I wanted to see” and when I mentioned Skyphones, he said “OH NO NOT ANOTHER ONE” which obviously led me to believe there has been more then one visit to the place.
    I kindly asked if other people have been here and he said loads mate, loads all wanting their money for phones!
    He directed me upstairs and I entered a room which was small with a Lithuanian woman sat a desk surrounded with boxes and boxes of peoples mobile phones! Upon entry to the room I said to the woman “MONEY NOW” she got sort of worried and in broken English asked about what I wanted. I told her in no uncertain terms, that I wanted my money for the mobile phone that they had been sent and had received, and that I was not going to leave until I obtained the CASH or the return of the phone!
    She then telephoned someone and spoke to them in her native tongue.(needless to say I am not amused)After a few words to the person at the other end of the phone she then opened a box and Paid me in…..CASH. So eureka i have now been paid for my phone some 12 weeks or so after sending it to them.

    SO BE WARNED!!!!!
    This is a classic operation of placing a female in an office,to deal with customers who at the end of there tether pay them a visit in the hope of obtaining their cash. You come across a female who MIGHT feel threatened or Intimidated by who ever demanding money for their phones. Well don’t feel sorry for her or the company, plain and simply its a foreign con operation despite the professionally built website and all the guff saying they will pay out within 7 days. Its a con and don’t be fooled or put off….

  32. holly says:

    can you please provide the address so that i can also pay them a visit? thanks

  33. Larry says:

    Matt Yates - Daniel Jones - Holly - Amanda Bryan…& ANY OTHER PEOPLE WHO HAVE NOT BEEN PAID
    I have been posting details on the site for couple of weeks now trying to help others in the same position as I was!
    Many other people who sent phones to them have also visited the place to get there money back like myself! if you want to visit them go to
    Skyphones Europe Ltd
    Unit C,
    (Its a Small Room In Small Block Of Offices)
    Vision Building
    4 Footscray Road
    New Eltham
    London SE9 2TW

    The building is behind/between a blockbuster video shop and next to a Sainsburys petrol station


    As for the other address given on their website
    Anthony Newsagents
    401 Footscray Rd,
    SE9 2DR.
    This is a newsagents that has nothing to do with Skyphones and as far as I am aware it is a bogus address.When I visited the address and found it was a newsagents, I went inside and made my enquiries and the response was if he had a £1-00 for every person that has been into the shop he would be a millionaire!
    So make the journey if your close enough otherwise, keep sending threatening emails or take it up with a small claims court,but be warned it will cost to take legal action against them and there is no guarantee you will get your cash.
    Good luck….

  34. FaceBookCampaign says:

    Join the FB campaign to get this company investigated.

  35. SkyPhones Registered Address says:

    SE9 2DR
    Company Registration No. 07199755


    SE9 2DR

    Company Registration No. 07199755

    Also, No 4, Unit C Footscray Road

  37. Emails says:

    Try these email addresses, we got responses today:

    They are Lithuanian!

  38. daniel jones says:

    Thanks for all advice. I have emailed them now. What’s annoying is that I was in London on Wednesday. Should have gone to pay them a visit.

  39. Email Sky Phones says:

    Money got paid today after emailing the above people! Also got an email response from Michael to inform money paid. Emailing the letter above does work! Try it all!

  40. CeO of SkyPhones says:

    CEO of SkyPhones is Lithuanian and lives in Sweden:

    Milda Palaimaite
    Address: Södra Förstadsgatan 120
    21428 MALMÖ
    Tel: +46 040-627 20 09

  41. kath says:

    cant get hold of them by email or phone. i have emailed the mike and kristina no reply! not sure where to go from here

  42. Aimee says:

    Finally got my money sent to me after over a month - but had to report to Trading Standards, and send a recorded letter to Skyphones threatening legal action to receive my payment.

    Appalling company, avoid at all costs.

  43. Dawn says:

    Well after 8 wks my money has finally been paid. No e-mail from them just paypal telling me i had funds. So don’t give up but don’t use again. Good luck.

  44. kath says:

    well just had an email saying my phone was not up to standards..what a surprise! apparently scratches on phone so knocked £6 off. The phone was in perfect condition but it will cost me £12 to get my phones back and i bet they wouldn’t even send them.. so one step closer to the cash.. sent them countless emails threatening legal action but no reply to that.. just just got to wait and see! What a company aye!!

  45. Patrick says:

    I have sent in three phones and received conformation via e-mail that they were received, another one saying that the amount to be paid would be less than originally quoted and then one saying my payment was being processed. Their phone is always on a default answer and they are not responding to e-mails since December 2010. Do not use this company - you will not get your money!

  46. sara says:

    Hi guys, Dont give up, I finally received my money today aswell, !!! after many times chasing i didnt receive an email either but honesly i dont care aslong as i got my money in the end…..
    Email the above as some Smart person added, THANK YOU WHO EVER YOU ARE.. and keep chasing you will get your money..GOOD LUCK

  47. kath says:

    my mistake.. £6 off one phone and £10 off another!

  48. Amanda Bryan says:

    After serveral letters and emails. I checked my bank today and I had a credit yesterday for my money. HOORAY…Thank god.

  49. Matthew says:

    Finally got paid yesterday. They received my phone on 10th January, so it has taken nearly two months. Don’t give up, people.

    Strongly worded emails don’t appear to do the trick. It seems that you have to threaten legal action before they take notice. See Consumer Direct for advice, and throw in as much legal jargon as you reasonably can.

    I may have my money, but I’m not leaving it there. Warn as many people as you can. Report them wherever you see the opportunity. Expose this sham of an organisation before others fall victim.

  50. Sean Smith says:


    I sent my phone to SkyPhones (listed with Companies House as SkyPhones Europe Limited) on 16 February. I have not received any money from them so I phoned Consumer Direct. Here’s their advice:

    1. Send a letter (keeping a copy for yourself) stating that they are “in breach of contract” prior to any other action.
    2. Make copies of all correspondence (from you and them) to be used should you need to bring a case to court, which should include:
    The statement “Breach of Contract”
    The order number supplied by Sky Phones
    A copy of the order (can be got from
    e-mail from Sky Phones of Order
    All e-mails from Sky Phones
    If you have sent the phone by Special
    Delivery (as I did) the Proof of Delivery
    Signature (you can get this by contacting
    the Post Office on 08459 272100) provided
    you kept the receipt.

    Having these items has allowed me to have a log of the actions by Sky Phones activities and should present a good case for the courts.

    My only regret is that I didn’t look at this site before I got caught.

    Good luck to everyone else. I hope this may help you all out.

  51. Patrick says:

    I put a comment on this forum stating that I had not received my money for the 3 phones i had sent to Skyphones. i sent an e-mail to these two people who apparently work at Skyphones and received my money within 2 days. Maybe they are just in undated with too many phones?

    Try it - it worked for me!


  52. sharon says:

    i sent 2 mobiles before christmas, was e-mailed on 2nd january saying i would be paid in next 7 days still not been paid yet, sent several recorded letters threatening legal action, still had no response, i also got exact same message from them saying my phones had scratches on them, load of rubbish, but i accepted the smaller amount, ive had advice from comsumer direct, which i have followed, now i have to proceed with small claims court.

  53. Ashley says:

    I have had exactly the same experience as everybody else on this website. I have been waiting for 2 months for my money. I have sent countless emails and called every day but to no avail. I have even left messages on their website but have heard nothing. I am out of my mind so my next step is to make a visit to them at their office - I am adamant they are not going to get away with this. We need to get their website shut down guys!!!

  54. richard says:

    i sent my phone off 7days ago and havent even had an email 2 say they have got it when i know they have because i sent it recorded post, i hav been told 2 ryt a letter 2 them and make a copy of it and then see what happens … i will not use this company evry again and wont advise any 1 else 2 !!!! DONT USE THIS COMPANY ITS SHIT !

  55. Ashley says:

    Well I took a visit to their ‘office’ today and could not believe my eyes. There were hundreds of mobile phones lying everywhere in the room. All I said was “you took my phone 2 months ago without paying and I want the money you owe me.” To which the blonde polish lady just looked at me. Then another polish man came into the room and I told him “You took my phone, now I’m here for my money.” At first he tried fobbing me off (as I am a woman), but I brought my very big brother with me who was taking no nonsense. I got to speak to the ‘manager’ via phone - Michael Fell - and I said to him: “You were the person who signed for my phone 2 months ago & I have received no money. You are a thief. I am not leaving your office until I get all my money or else I am calling the police.” Many arguments and threats later, the worn-down looking polish guy took out his wallet and paid us from his own money. He then said “I can’t take this any more.” I did feel slightly sorry for him but I told him that what his company was doing is wrong. Afterwards as we went outside we saw lots of customers’ letters threatening court action just strewn outside. They are taking no notice of legal action. I suggest you either go there to get your money or call Trading Standards and strongly insist on them taking action, which I what I did when I got back home. Good luck everyone

  56. Shawn says:

    These guys are really getting away with murder. How can we get the website shut and exposed for the malpractices? Anyone know a way to get that done?

  57. kath says:

    well guys there is hope.. I have been sending them a threatening email 10 times a day to the same people and it seems they have finally got the message that I will get my money back. The last email I sent basically said I’ve asked for a cheque but scrap that I want it into my Paypal account before April 1st. I have just checked and I have money clearing from Skyphones! Try this email address too.. thats who I’ve received funds off.. Good luck guys I will let you know if these funds actually clear

  58. Mark says:

    Success, After contacting them through their e mail addresses I finally got what was mine, Thankyou Patrick (Comment 52, March 7th 2011).

    Please all those that are having difficulty use these e mail address it worked for me.
    Try it.

  59. Amy says:

    I recieved an email on the 14/03/11 confirming it was passed for payment order number 21819, the phone was sent to you at the end of march and i am still waiting for payment. If i do not receive my payment shortly I will have no alternative but to report this matter to the police and trading standards!i have sent several emails and not heard from any of them.

  60. sam says:

    To Burn the office ?!

  61. Tony says:

    Same experiences for me as everyone else here. SkyPhones acknowledged receipt of my phone on Jan 4th this year. On the 17th of that month, they emailed to say my payment is being processed. Following that - nothing. After repeated emails and attempts to get through by phone - I AM STILL WAITING FOR MY PAYMENT !!! It’s now almost 7 months. To add insult to injury, I have just checked their website and it is “under maintenance”. Does this mean the plug has finally been pulled on them ? I seriously doubt I will ever receive my money now. Really don’t know what else to do. I’ve used several other mobile recycling sites in the past and have been paid within 7 days. I really got my fingers burned when I sent my handset to this lot didn’t I ?

  62. Ray says:

    It seems the only way to get the crooked owner of skyphones europe Ltd is to track him down using private investigator. May be BBC watch dog may take this case on since public interest is at stake.

  63. Jeremy Havard says:

    The Company Skyphones Europe Ltd as registered at Company’s House is in the process of being “Struck Off” wound up, and gone along with my £102 for my stolen Nokia along with everyone else’s money… I wouldn’t mind if they offered to return the units but no, gone with the wind… why oh why are these Scam companies allowed to carry on for so long.?

  64. sharon says:

    I sent 2 phones in december 2010, and still not been paid, I have reference number, but how do I contact them

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