Sony PSP E-1000: FAIL

Brian Turner

September 16, 2011

Nintendo are known for their very popular DS consol, which the younger generations have loved.

So Sony has taken a leaf out of Nintendo’s book, and created the PSP E-1000 that is also aimed at the younger generation, but also to entice parents this is the cheapest PSP yet.

Being £89 this device doesn’t come with Wi-Fi, which is defiantly a surprise as even the first generation PSP has Wi-Fi and you can grab one of those for far less than £89.

In addition the younger generations are usually using social networking sites so Wi-Fi would be a must.

Dissimilar to the PSP Vita this PSP comes with a UMD slot at the back.

Due to the lack of Wi-Fi, customers will most probably not be able to access the PSP store for downloadable games.

With the growing popularity of downloadable games the UMD market has lowered significantly, therefore there might be a limited amount of games available for this device.

The LED screen is 4.3-inches and weighs 233g (including Battery Pack). These specifications defiantly will not excite you, because you would expect the PSP to be slimmer and lighter than the already fat original PSP, and this one also doesn’t come with Wi-Fi remember.

On the whole Sony has lost the plot with this portable device. No Wi-Fi, no extra features and a UMD slot makes the PSP E-1000 feel like Sony are going backwards, which is never good.

Sorry, Sony, but this is a FAIL.


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  1. animaniac says:

    your article is a FAIL: the PSP E1000 will be able to use the playstation store through a cable, and your point about the first PS being cheaper is bogus since it had a crappy screen. also, don’t forget that features like downloadable games and online gaming are indeed popular, but also heavily supported by companies to develop their new business model (selling services instead of products), in other words to screw us. I only need a portable system for when I’m stuck in a bus or a train, so I’m fine with a basic system with good games.

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