Update on Mass Effect 3

July 6, 2011

The eagerly awaited third entry for BioWare’s hit franchise, Mass Effect 3 is set to be released on the 6th of March 2012 Worldwide.

But since the demonstration at E3 a month ago, only small snippets of information has been released concerning the game.

So what’s new with what is sure to be one of the hottest games of 2012?

RPG/Shooter Hybrid?

Those who caught the demonstration and press conference on Mass Effect 3 from E3 back in June will already know that Mass Effect 3 seems to be moving more towards on a combat game and away from its RPG roots.

As well as this a degree of stealth is being added to the game play with the melee sword, an element that hasn’t been seen in many BioWare games before this.

Further evidence of the franchises fling with the action side of the game is its recent work with DICE, the creators of such iconic war games as the Battlefield franchise and the most recent and very impressive Medal of Honour.

A lot of the work between the two companies has been over sound, such as the echo of gun shots off of different materials such as a concrete wall or an outcropping of rock, and environmental changes throughout the game.

BioWare’s lead sound designer, Rob Blake has insisted that, while they have been working with DICE, Mass Effect is still worlds apart from such games as Battlefield and Medal of Honour.

“We’re doing a lot of knowledge sharing which has been really useful, and we love the Battlefield games. We’re big fans of the audio so we’re definitely trying to build on the work that they’ve done, but at the same time they’re very different games,” said Blake.

Whether you support the hybrid of RPG and shooter that Mass Effect seems to be becoming, it cannot be denied that the game’s combat is looking exceptionally impressive and set to improve on the already commendable combat of Mass Effect 2.

Kinect: More than just a Gimmick?

Another point of the Mass Effect 3 press conference and demonstration that caught a lot of people’s attention was the impact of Kinect on the game.

While the new motion detection device has been accused of being just a gimmick to attract the casual gamer to the Xbox 360, its inclusion in such games as Mass Effect 3 perhaps shows that it can still be seamlessly used within games heavily dominated by the “hardcore” gamer.

In the demonstration of Kinect within Mass Effect 3, the use of voice recognition during combat to direct and order your team was impressive as it seemed to work with very few problems with registering the player, a problem many voice recognition devices have had, both in and out of the gaming industry.

If it can remain free of glitches when the game is finally released, its inclusion could well be welcomed, but such devices will always be looked upon with scorn by some gamers, and as such keeping it simply as an option that is not needed to run the game seems the smartest course to take.


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