Windows XP – the 10 killer tuning tips of all time

April 24, 2006

TechWeb has produced a great top-ten list here. Most of it is common sense, but knowing just how to go about optimising your registry is not just something you stumble across yourself :D

Have a read here, and implement a few of them today. I think they’re all cracking tips, and run most of them myself.

They should help you keep your clunky old Windows XP OS running a few months longer.

At least until the newer and even clunkier Windows Vista makes its debut!

Some of the hard drive and background task tips will really help speed up your machine, especially if you use video applications, like a PCI or USB satellite card such as the Skystar 2.

If you’re playing with something like High Definition on your PC (maybe HD satellite) then these tips could well make the difference between success and failure.



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