Friday NewsBytes: Electric brain stimulation boosts maths skills; Sinclair X-1 is C5 sequel; Froyo arrives on Galaxy S

Darren Allan

November 5, 2010

Scientists at Oxford University have discovered that applying electrodes and a very mild (harmless) electrical stimulus to the brain can improve your maths skills. The stimulation causes greater neural activity, and if applied to the right parietal lobe, it can turn you into a bit of a Carol Vorderman. Minus the ability to make stacks of cash from advertising debt consolidation loans, of course.

Remember the Sinclair C5? Yes, the trike death-trap invented by Sir Clive Sinclair. Well, he’s gone and done it again, inventing an equally silly electric vehicle thingy-ma-bob which looks like a cross between a pram and a bubble car. The Sinclair X-1 is guaranteed to be just as successful as the C5. Wasn’t.

Samsung Galaxy S owners rejoice, for the arrival of Android 2.2 is upon you. Froyo, which was promised in the middle of last month and then delayed, is now rolling out according to Samsung’s Twitter account. Praise be to Kies, from whence you can download it. Not every Galaxy S owner is going to get the upgrade straight away, however, but Samsung promises that everyone will be delivered from Android 2.1 by the end of this month.


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