Monday NewsBytes: Hacker cracks Royal Navy website; The Queen goes on Facebook; Skype offers free wi-fi this week

Darren Allan

November 8, 2010

A Romanian hacker who goes by the handle TinKode cracked the Royal Navy website last Friday night, engineering an SQL injection attack to gain access to data on the site. The incident wasn’t thought to be malicious, nor the data in question sensitive, but it’s still embarrassing for the Ministry of Defence, particularly coming after the government’s tough talking and planned spending on national cyber-defences.

The Queen now has an official Facebook account, to let the great unwashed know when she’s taking the corgis out for a walk. Over 100,000 people now officially “like” the Queen, well, actually the page is for the British Monarchy to be specific. The latest news on Her Majesty is that she’s visited the Maldon Salt factory and the Tiptree Jam company. We’re betting the latter did better samples…

Fancy a bit of free wi-fi access? Well, you can hook up and do some gratis surfing on BT Openzone, The Cloud, and a number of other providers’ hotspots up and down the UK. Skype will happily foot the bill via the Skype Access app. This freebie is part of the Internet Week Europe, and as such, only lasts for this week. What’s a hotspot not? Expensive, in this case.


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