Thursday NewsBytes: BT says Virgin Media’s 100Mbps fibre is too costly; Firefox 4 won’t arrive before 2011; Samsung or Motorola for the Nexus Two?

Darren Allan

October 28, 2010

BT has come out and said that Virgin Media’s freshly announced 100Mbps super-fast broadband is priced too dearly. The BBC reported that BT issued a statement saying: “Their new service is more than twice the price of BT’s fibre product and we are surprised by the high price when most family budgets are tight.” Virgin’s 100Mbps download and 10Mbps upload package is priced at £45 per month, or £35 as part of a bundle, which sounds reasonable enough to us.

Firefox 4 was supposed to be with us this year, but it seems that development has taken longer than expected. Mozilla has pushed the predicted release date back to “early 2011”, with the final beta coming out in December. Product Manager Mike Beltzner said that the process of ironing out instabilities had thrown up some thornier issues than anticipated, but that the company refused to rush the product out the door, preferring to get things right.

Rumours are swirling about the Nexus Two, the smartphone sequel which Google said wouldn’t happen back in the summer. Both Samsung and Motorola are in the frame as the possible manufacturers of the device (not HTC who made the Nexus One). However, while Samsung and Motorola certainly have Gingerbread handsets which are due to be announced soon, they won’t necessarily turn out to be the Nexus Two. Only time will tell. City AM, the newspaper which started all the Nexus Two buzz in the first place, reckons Carphone Warehouse will be the exclusive supplier of the smartphone.


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