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Default ipod shuffle (the new latest one)

I've bought one of the latest to date ipod shuffles 2GB for 40 and I've sync'd up all my songs to it but when playing the actual songs I noticed one or two tracks play then after 5 seconds decide to skip randomly and there I hear nothing until I manually skip to the next track.

Also when playing the track that plays for 5 seconds then skips, I've played it then quickly using the fast forward feature on the ipod shuffle and it goes beyond 60 seconds etc as an example then when I let go of fast forward it plays for a second then skips track automatically. I've re-sync'd my ipod a few times to see if it's fixed and even updated it to the latest software version.

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Default Re: ipod shuffle (the new latest one)

Just to double check, the songs are ripped properly?
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