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StueH 07-02-13 09:36 PM

Nokia N79 FM Radio
II have acquired an n79 in very good condition & with only 15 hours on the life timer.
All seems to work OK apart from the FM radio (receiver) which I cannot make work,
If I select visual radio with the headset connected, then try to tune, the tuning symbols just goes round constantly.
I have an n85 which works ok so I know what should happen.
FM transmitter works OK, and I have reinstalled the phone software.
I have also seen the same on another N79 which I had for a while.
I have found other similar posts but with no real answer.
Is this a problem with the model?
Can anyone help?

tarzan007 22-08-13 05:30 AM

Re: Nokia N79 FM Radio
are you sure you are plugging in the earphones? Usually, FM radio works through the receiver present on the earphones

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