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Question Logik LCD 24" TV (L24DIGB10) Screen Problem

Hello TechWatch.

This has been an ongoing saga for awhile now that no one seems to be able to help with. So I'm going to see if I can get some answers here.

So, I bought the aforementioned Logik 24" HD TV from Curries in 2011, with their extended warranty. The TV has been excellent (speakers are a bit crappy but you can't win everything). However, since about 2 weeks ago, the same problem has reoccurred.

-The TV will turn on.
-It will go through the "LOGIK" start up screen.
-The TV will then produce sound and an image of whatever it is meant to show (be it HDMI feed or freeview or whatever).
-After a short amount of time (Ranging from 5 seconds to 1 minute) the screen will cut to black. It will still be on, but will be solid black. The sound can also be heard as if everything were fine and dandy. It is worth noting that the TV is ON and shows the blue light to indicate it is ON (hence the sound I suppose).

Now, whilst irritating, that isn't the odd part.

The weird part is that the TV worked perfectly fine when I took it too Currys so they could test it. Totally fine. Screen did not cut out at all.

So I take it home, and it doesn't work, same problem as before.

I thought it might be something to do with my electricity supply or sockets. But everything else runs absolutely fine and the TV is exactly the same in every room.

So I've since taken the TV to work with me (about 20 miles away) and the problem re-occurs there as well. The only time the TV has worked is at Currys, where I NEED it to break to get a replacement TV.

So...really I'm kind of stumped. To be honest, what I want to know is WHY it's doing that as it's such a bizarre problem. Any advice or help or whatever would be greatly appreciated.



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Default Re: Logik LCD 24" TV (L24DIGB10) Screen Problem

Take it back to Currys, explain that you have an intermittent problem, and test it there once again. This time check how they are testing the television, using an aerial, with the inbuilt tuner, using a satellite receiver, or just a DVD player.
Are you just using it for freeview, or have you got other devices connected to it?
Try various things, like removing the aerial coax and using an external device, connected by HDMI lead, then scart.
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Default Re: Logik LCD 24" TV (L24DIGB10) Screen Problem

Thanks for the quick reply.

When they tested it at the shop, they simply hooked up the HDMI store display to the TV. Basically, the TV stayed on before the display was connected (for a goof 2-3 minutes) then for the time the store display was connected to the TV (another good 2-3 minutes).

But the problem is my TV will regularly cut out without having anything connected anyway, it will cut out on the blue standby screen, from what appears to be at random.

And I have tried emulating everything at home and at work, be it scart connection, HDMI, Aerial or none or all of the above.

For reference, I have a freeview aerial, HDMI Xbox 360, Scart connected Playstation 2 connected to my TV. However, like I said, it doesn't seem to make a single bit of difference what is connected.

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Default Re: Logik LCD 24" TV (L24DIGB10) Screen Problem

Try contacting the manufacturer, as it is probably a known fault, if it isn't then take the set back to Currys, explain the problem, and have them test every facet, hook up an aerial, HDMI and scart connection, then see if it goes wrong.
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Default Re: Logik LCD 24" TV (L24DIGB10) Screen Problem

Well.I do not know if this will help.But I have the same tv ,bought from currys.Over a year old.It is used every night as a monitor.It has pluged in.A computer in the dvi socket.A satellite reciever in the HDMI socket.A satellite reciever in the scart socket.I am swapping them constantly.The tv works flawlesly.But I rarely watch tv on it.

Edit what I should say is I rarely use the tuner.

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