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Default Where has my signal gone???.

Help...... I am in desperate need of some advice.

For about the last month we have started losing all our freebies channels in the evening an all through the night. There have been no changes made to any equipment or the aerial.

During the day our Sony Bravia tv reports receiving a good signal, but after about 1700 the signal quality starts to degrade. At the moment (23:53) I am getting nothing on all digital tv and radio channels on the tv.

Some nights I have even been losing the signal on my Pure Evoke DAB radio, which has its own built in aerial.

Since switchover we have had no problems with channels or reception up until now. I have tried contacting the BBC and digital UK, who both seem to be as useless as each other.

I have just spent 2 hours trying to set up a new 48 element high gain wide band aerial in the loft, but have now thrown in the towel, as the signal strength shown on the tv keeps fluctuating between low and high when the aerial is not being moved, so I don't think it's a problem with that.

We pick up our tv signal from the transmitter at Sudbury in Suffolk and live in the Ip5 postcode.

Any advice greatly appreciated. Many thanks....
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Default Re: Where has my signal gone???.

Have you got another tuner you can try? DVD recorder, second television, anything with a digital freeview tuner.
Can you check with your neighbours, to see if their digital signal degrades, around the same time?
You could also check your television on someone elses aerial, friends, or family member.
Somewhere in the television menu should be a signal strength meter, it might be worth checking this, at various times of the day, and seeing what the readings are.
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Default Re: Where has my signal gone???.

We have got another tv up stairs, and this one is getting a better signal, but there are channels we seem to lose at night. Most of my neighbours are into their footsie, so the all have sky, or bt.

The signal level reported by the tv at the moment is low, but every now and again it pulses to high.

During the day it reports back as being good.
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Default Re: Where has my signal gone???.

Does it give a signal strength reading or just good?
Have a look at the aerials, in your area, are they on long poles or near/below the roofline?
Is the television, upstairs, using the same aerial?
How old is this aerial and the coax cable?
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Default Re: Where has my signal gone???.

can you try your tv on someone else aerial
how old is your aerial and coax
do you have the old type belling lee plugs on the end of your coax ( these are crap )
have you checked inside the aerial where the coax joines it
aerials in the loft not recomended as the roof will cut the signal down
what coax are you useing
are you useing a wall plate these can cut your signal down by up to 50 %
how many tvs are you trying to run of of the aerial and are you useing an amp or just a splitter a splitter will cut your signal down evan if only one tv is connected

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Default Re: Where has my signal gone???.

I have put a digi aerial in the loft and the tv upstairs now receives all the channels all the time. Theupstairs tv also appears to be fine when used downstairs. The downstairs tv is fine during weekdays but the signal falls apart at about 20:30, and by 21:00 it is unwatchable. The same thing happens at the weekend, but it has been unwatchable for most of the day. The the tv in question is a Sony Bravia kdl32.

There is a signal strength meter in the technical set up for this tv. During the day the signal strength if good/ high. After 20:00 it goes to low then no signal. Odd thing is is that every now and again the signal strength goes goes from none to high, but there is no video or audio.

Having put a digi aerial and the fact that theupstairs tv appears to be fine downstairs I do not think it is related to the coax. I think they are either doing something with the transmitter power round here, or there is some other form of external interference but I would not have a clue how to trace this.

Your continued advise is greatly appreciated
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Default Re: Where has my signal gone???.

If the bedroom television works, even when the other television doesn't, then the problem must be with the Sony televisions tuner, or electronics.
Have you tried the second television, on the downstairs aerial, when the Sony television isn't working?
Have you tried the Sony television on the new aerial, when you're experiencing problems downstairs?
You can try using an alternative, digital, freeview tuner, you can pick a scart connected one up for about 20, or borrow one, even one built into a digital DVD recorder, this will help isolate the problem, as you can then remove the Sony televisions tuner, from the equation.
I would also check the Sony website, for any updates, for your model of television.
All you can do is attempt to isolate the problem, by elimination, starting with the aerial, and coax cable, if the stand alone tuner, or the second television, works normally, on the downstairs aerial, all the time, then the problem lies with the Sony television.
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Default Re: Where has my signal gone???.

what kind of cable are you using,thinking if it has bad shielding could it be picking up interference from something else.
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Default Re: Where has my signal gone???.

I agree with what mickha said sounds like the tuner on the tv or maybe the coax socket on the tv has a dodgy connection on the centre pin , a bad solder joint may lose connection when it gets hot when you have had it on for a few hours, check to see if its loose with a small screwdriver or similar it may have lifted the track on the board.

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Default Re: Where has my signal gone???.

RF propagation can vary throughout the day and change with the weather and time of year, particularly if your aerial is in a marginal reception area. Best solution is an external aerial with clear line of sight towards your local TX. Best aerials I have ever used are made by Televes and can be had quite reasonably here: _http://www.tlc-direct.co.uk/Main_Index/Aerials_Index/AerialsTv/index.html
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