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Default fix for blue screen on windows 7

Hi i have a sony vaio laptop, it now has the blue screen of death. i tried to get up the bios menu by pressing f2 now it has a black screen with white lines.is there any way to fix this also i brought a CD that claims to get rid of this problem, it says i need to change the bios to boot from CD, so again i tried to get the bios menu up but nothing happened. is there any way of getting the laptop to boot from CD without using the bios menu.
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Default Re: fix for blue screen on windows 7

when you said lines. maybe the screen is on way out so try using a other screen from a pc an plug it in it may help.

you could try from usb but must change the option. also you need to get in bios anyways to change the option.

you could try just popping disc in and boot lappy up to see if its already set to boot from cd .

hope it helps
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Default Re: fix for blue screen on windows 7

If it has an Nvidia graphics chip then that will need reballing or reflowing, it's similar to the process used on PS3 yellow light of death or the xbox360 red ring of death.

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