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Default New Mobo fitted W7 will not load


I have just changed my old Mobo for a More up to date one (Foxconn) , still using my hard drive from my previous Mobo , but windows will not start up , it just keeps trying to repair it without success , I have tried to put my windows disc in but it will not boot from it so that I can do a repair from the original disc , I then tried to see if it would boot from my old XP disc which I have done before but it just keeps going into system repair with the Windows 7 wallpaper in the background , so I have no idea now how I can put windows 7 back onto this hard drive or XP come to it .

note: I have set cdrom has boot first .
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Default Re: New Mobo fitted W7 will not load

so let me get this right, you just swopped the MB right?

you cant just do that as its like putting a new engine in a car and the engine is from another make of car.

bios and chipsets drivers ect was on the hard drive for the other board

last time ( 4 years ago ) when i did one i just followed a guide

something like Upgrading a Motherboard without Reinstalling

but look about yourself as maybe a little easyer now
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Default Re: New Mobo fitted W7 will not load

RR-TV is right. This cannot be done. Your best bet is to connect your HDD to another computer and backup your data, and do a fresh reinstall of Windows 7. Even if you were to get it working, it wouldn't be very stable
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