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Default Help needed! Cant find Badr 3/4

Even with a 120cm dish, the signal I was receiving on Nilesat was very weak, and would have no signal at all on windy/rainy days. A friend advised me to switch to Arabsat/Badr as the signal would be stronger. I moved the dish towards east but the only satellites i found were Sirius 2 at 4.8 degrees East. I could not find 26 E so I thought I would play around with the inclination. Now I have messed everything up and cannot find Badr or even restore Nilesat.

I must admit it wasnt wise doing it myself as I am a bit of a Noob, but can anyone help me find the Badr satellite. How should i set the inclination and how can i know if the LNB arm is at the right angle. If it helps I live in London. I have another satellite dish which receives astra2 and eurobird 1 and i tried putting it in a similar direction but still couldnt get any signal.

I would greatly appreciate any advice or suggestions, thanks guys
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Default Re: Help needed! Cant find Badr 3/4

I can get BADR 3/4 in the midlands with a 90cm dish with no problems at all.

Set up your receiver/TV and satfinder outside where you can see it from the dish. You probably won't need the satfinder after the next step

What i would do first is get a good lock onto Astra 2 @ 28.2e so you have a good starting point, mess with the polorization angle on the lnb so you get the strongest signal possible. With a 120cm dish it shouldn't make a huge difference but every little bit helps . Getting a lock on Astra 2 shouldn't present a problem as its one of the strongest signals out there Remove the satfinder. I won't be much use due to the crushing signal from Astra 2 and it will only zap the signal strength when you trying to find 26e

Set the receiver to 11862 V 27500 3/4, (Its from BADR 3) then move the dish very very slowly to the right (looking from behide the dish) keeping an eye on the signal meter from the receiver (Explains the need for theTV) You may need to play with the inclination of the dish but only slightly. There will only be about 1"-1.5" difference at the end of the boom arm between 26e and 28.2e

As soon as the signal meter moves and shows a lock you're there, its then just a case of basic adjustment until you have the strongest signal. This should be made easier as the signal meter on the receiver/TV will be giving you realtime readings

When you scan the transponder you should find BBC World, Al Jazeera Children's Channel, Entertainment TV, Derby Race TV, Sharjah TV, Jeddah Channel, Al Wasta, Qamar, & Oman TV 2

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Default Re: Help needed! Cant find Badr 3/4

Yeah, that's exactly what I'd do

Let us know how you get on!
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Default Re: Help needed! Cant find Badr 3/4

try changing the satellite position to 25.3east if your using a motor or sat meter as you can get signal swamping by astra 2
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