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DBox Dbox and Dbox 2 technical help and support - Sagem Dbox, Nokia Dbox, D-Box, Dreambox-C + Linux boxes etc.

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Default Commando 9 Released

<_>-<_>-<_>-<| B A S I C S |>-<_>-<_>-<_>
- CVS-Stand 28/10/2007 (see Mailing List Archives for updates)
- busybox v1.7.2
- U-Boot 1.2.0 (squashfs 3.0 Lzma)
- Linux
- YWeb 2.5.1 - commando
- nhttpd 3.1.0
<_>-<_>-<_>-<| C H A N G E L O G |>-<_>-<_>-<_>
- Extra / Advanced Menu Added
- Personalization Menu
- IDE Menu re cooked
- Set My Locations menu embeded into neutrino
- SoftCams / Keys menu embeded into neutrino
- Drivers / uCodes menu embeded into neutrino
- Driver / Boot Menu now contains on/off for (nhhtpd, boot info, LCD-EPG,
Animation, Play MP3) on boot
- Audioplayer LCD navigation
- Audioplayer added album pic support (Artist - Album - Front.bmp)
needs to be 8bit / 180 Colors / 720x57 or less
- smbfs redone
- ****loads more that we forgotten about
<_>-<_>-<_>-<| O T H E R |>-<_>-<_>-<_>
- Please note the Boot / Driver Options you can customise this for quicker
start up times.
- LCD EPG does work, DO NOT DISABLE NHTTPD if you wish to use LCD_EPG and
after 1'st boot it could take up to 1min to collect all the EPG info.
- No ROM's
- No Keys
***NOTE: root password is set to commando
If you feel you need to post this image elsewhere please do not post keys
with this image as we will not support illegal software!

I've put this in the FTA downloads, as requested by Team Commando, there are no ROM's or Key's included. If you need an image with ROM's or Keys, you will have to get and install these yourself.
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Default Re: Commando 9 Released

tried this in a sagem box, used keys from existing commando 4 image but this was problematic, ven though i had switched ucode drivers and switched between differen cams.

It does however look a lot slicker than the other commando images.
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Default Re: Commando 9 Released

anyone know how to insert the keys properly ive done it a few times but havent bothered in over 6 months as im still using commando 6.2
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