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Satellite for Beginners Newbie to satellite? Don't be scared... you're in the right place

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Old 04-06-08, 08:24 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Default Another Newbie with questions

Hi folks,

Well Euro 08 encouraged me to go start looking at HD Satellite Receivers and I purchased a Fortec Passion which I'm generally very pleased with.
However it has also ignited my interest in looking what else is out there and so have a few questions.

It would be great if someone could give me some advice on what size of dish would be good for my location, which is around Falkirk in the Central Belt of Scotland. I have been looking at the different forums and some online stores to see the options available and I was wondering if I should be looking at an 80cm or 90cm Triax dish altho I did see a clear transparent 85cm dish that might keep the better half a little happier

I really am a newbie and to be honest my initial goal is to find out what's out there, so I was thinking of getting a multi lnb bracket to pick up 13,19 and 28 as I believe getting 16 along with these other sats is pretty hard. Any other recommendations would be appreciated too, basically Sports & Films are mainly watched.

Lastly, would 0.3db LNB be the bare minimum for my location or should I be looking at using 0.2's?

Thanks for reading, sorry it was such a long post... oh... an if anyone can recommend an installer in the area then that would be great

Cheers folks and have a good one
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Old 04-06-08, 08:35 PM   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: Another Newbie with questions

Hi and Welcome to Techwatch.

16E is not too difficult to get, but to be on the safe side you may need a 1m ish dish where you are. A 1m Gibertini or a 1.1 Triax should do you OK.

Rather than a multi LNB setup, you are far better off getting a motor. A Mototeck sg2100 Diseqc for example should be OK.

Yes a 0.3 dB is the minimum you should go for, but generally the noise figure values are taken with a pinch of salt. An Inverto or a Smart Titanium, or an Invacom or an MTi Blueline (Nanos favourite) should do the job.

if you put the dish relatively low, you could always install the dish yourself if you wanted to. That would save you a packet.

كيبل اعضاء البلهاء
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aldouk (04-06-08)
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Default Re: Another Newbie with questions

Hi and welcome to the forum.

As Robbo says you would be better advised to go down the motorised route as you can get any satellite on the arc from 45W to 42E and there are plenty of them between. Whatever you do forget about the see through job, they are not great and loss signal.

Have a good think and as Robbo says it is very easy to do the job yourself if you are able to mount the dish low, so that you can have easy access to it. One thing you can be very sure of is that with the high winds we are getting these days, the dish will need to be realigned, we all have had to do it this last winter, so with the dish low it is no problem sorting it and if you have do the job yourself it will be very easy.

Good luck and do have a good think about going the motorised way.

Very best regards Wez
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aldouk (05-06-08)
Old 05-06-08, 08:27 AM   #4 (permalink)
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Location: Denny, Falkirk, Latitude: 56.020 Longitude: -3.903
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Default Re: Another Newbie with questions

Thanks for the advice, it does seem that the motorised option is the popular way forward. I'll take your advice about the winds seriously as the house does get battered with high winds come winter time.

The main problem I have is that the house is on a new estate and is south facing so I'm not too sure a large motorised dish at the front of the house will go down too well with the neighbours
The back garden is also on a slope so I'm pretty sure that's counted out due to obstructions if I placed it there but I guess what's good about this hobby is the trial & error when setting it up..

Thanks again, I've now got a few things to think about, should keep me busy for a while

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