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Satellite News News from around the net that relates to satellite, receivers etc.

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Default Centaurus

Anyone heard about his card, supposedly does Nagra3....
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Default Re: Centaurus

Found this on a German board

Its translated into English with Google translate

erfügbar from: 05.09.08

ISO 7816 Smart Card
Flash: 72 kB
Eeprom: 72 kByte
Crypto: Yes (RSA)
Protocol: T0, T1, TE
Language: ASM, (C)
Programmable@3.57 MHZ
Programmable with Smart Mouse,
ProgBee and other programmers

News: 28.08.2008
The time has come - it seems a new RSA Card on the market.
It will "PRIMARY" hot and NAGRA 3 decipher.

2 That means providers are so entschlüsselbar.
D plus Spain and Germany Premiere, and Premiere Star.
Unfortunately, it is impossible both on a card files to write.
The provider use different Verschlüssellungen.
They are also 2 files. Example:


The loader is able to process both files.
Loader and files are stored in the 43.Kalenderwoche released.
The cards are from the 42nd Week available.
The price of the card to 2 times the benefit is 149, - Euro.
For larger quantities please contact the dealer discounts.

We publish this communication now, so you have a
Planning security. To launch the action, we will
to push for reservations in the 40th Week
cards at various stores the card at a price of 119, - Euro.

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Default Re: Centaurus

Yawn - another so called super card to part the foolish punter from his money.

Wonder how long this one will work for before it comes an expensive icescraper - when did the last one come out - 6 months ago??
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