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Apple Apple computers: Apple hardware, software, iMac, Apple accessories, and the Mac OS X.

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Post Apple iMac: A Flashy Piece of Junk

Apple are renown for their strong brand, user loyalty, and customer support, so when I bought an iMac last year it seemed an experience to look forward to.Oh, boy - was I wrong about that. I had intended to use the iMac as a multimedia editing centre. I used to use Logic when it was [...]

More: Apple iMac: A Flashy Piece of Junk
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Default Re: Apple iMac: A Flashy Piece of Junk

I have never been able to get an apple machine to do anything except say error
I want it and I want it now
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Default Re: Apple iMac: A Flashy Piece of Junk

I think it's clear that there were a few issues with the piece, namely:

1. Problems caused by the OSX re-install prompted by Apple support leaving the machine screwy
2. Misunderstanding of a few basics, such as configuring the Mighty mouse
3. Horrible steep learning curve on some of the applications.

It was mostly posted in great frustration - I think the Apple support call was the 1 ton weight that broke the camel's back - but moving forward again and everything is starting to look a bit brighter.
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Default Re: Apple iMac: A Flashy Piece of Junk

i found a mac os x to be very easy allthough ,i would not buy a mac at the price apple sell them. But once it gets technical it can be become quite annoying at times, the other thing that i thought i was good when ma dad had a go, of it found that it was all easy. but as for errors i have seen my fair share of them Like kernal panics and stuff. my sis has an imac not sure what she uses it for apart from the stupid site facebook. i find os x to be a rock solid os. i just got an old powermac G4 off ebay for £37 not that a good pice apple hardware for an imac should be £370 for the basic model. But you do get a service and support from the apple shop, but hell NO dont ring them i found that they try to fob you off alll the time.

nuff said thanks for listening

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