Streaming from Linux (Enigma) receivers to Windows PPC

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    Tested with TM9100, should work with ITGate and Dreambox too.

    This is how I stream live video from my TM9100 to PPC (MDA Vario in this case)

    1. Install VLC on PC and TCPMP player on Pocket PC (by Pocket PC I mean Windows Mobile - I am using WM6).
    2. [VLC]: File->Open Network Stream
    3. [VLC]: HTTP/HTTPS/FTP/MMS URL: http://root:<password>@<Receiver_IP>/video.m3u
    4. [VLC]: Select Stream/Save->Settings
    5. [VLC]: Select MMSH, leave Address field open, choose whatever port you want, I am using default 1234.
    6. [VLC]: Select encapsulation. After several experiments I came to conclusion that ASF works best.
    7. [VLC]: Select Video codec (whatever is better for your PPC - DIV3 for example. Or MJPEG if you feel adventurous). Choose bitrate. Given small PPC screen I am using 384 Kbps.
    8. [VLC]: Select Audio codec (mp3 or mpga). Bitrate 128Kbps
    9. [VLC]: OK, OK
    10: [TCPMP]: File->Open file
    11: [TCPMP]: Type mms://<your_VLC_PC_IP>:<port> and press Go. For example: mms://

    If you have issues with smooth video movement, select (in TCPMP): Options->Video->GDI and Options->Video->Quality->Low

    Enjoy :)

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