An aerial is an antenna device which can be used to transmit or receive a signal. Generally, aerials are used in TV or radio transmission or reception, although they can also be used in other devices such as, for example, walkie talkies. Generally, the aerial is a rigid metal-based structure, and often a simple straightforward wire particularly in the case of a radio aerial.

The first aerials were built and used in the late 19th Century, by the famous physicist Heinrich Hertz, and they’ve been widely used since then.

Aerial positioning is, of course, a critical aspect, and an aerial needs to be professionally installed and set up, ideally, to ensure the best picture for your TV set. Usually this will mean it’s roof mounted, although aerials can also go in other locations, such as the loft. However, you’ll need to be in an area with a strong signal, generally speaking, to get the best results in this case.

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