Freesat is, as the name suggests, a free satellite service which doesn’t charge a subscription as with the likes of Sky. The only purchase you need to make is a set top box which runs Freesat – with a built in hard drive for recording programmes (or a TV with integrated Freesat). You’ll need a satellite dish, too, although if you’re an ex-Sky customer, you can simply use your old Sky dish, which is pretty handy.

Freesat also offers on-demand services, such as the BBC iPlayer and ITV Player, so you can catch up with any TV you’ve missed. And this summer, Freesat is also carrying the 24 live Olympics channels courtesy of the Beeb.

You can also get HD channels for free with Freesat, which is quite an attraction given the premium that Sky charges for High Definition viewing. Bear in mind, though, that you’ll need an HD capable Freesat box to receive these (and, of course, an HDTV). Both the BBC and ITV are behind Freesat, and there are now around 2.5 million Freesat set top boxes and TVs in the UK.