Freesat Installation

Freesat is the BBC and ITV’s free satellite service which doesn’t require a monthly subscription, and is therefore gaining some considerable popularity in the UK. If you want to get on board with Freesat, then you’ll need the appropriate set top box, or a TV with the service built in.

The other element you’ll need is a satellite dish, unless you already have one installed at your property, perhaps by Sky. That will do just fine for Freesat, but if you’ve not got an existing dish, then you will need to pay for a Freesat installation.

The dish can be installed by any reputable firm of aerial and dish fitters, just be sure to phone up and get a range of free quotes first. Or Freesat advises that you can arrange for an installation at the same time you buy your Freesat box, from an approved retail outlet. There are something like 2.5 million Freesat users out there in the UK these days.