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Satellite News:


Sky+ Arrives on iPad

Sky today announced its Sky+ App for iPad is available on the App Store. Now, iPad users with a Sky+ or Sky+HD set-top box can search for and record their favourite programmes no matter where they are... [Read more]

Digital TV News:


LG announces new range of 3DTVs, and Q&A video

LG will be launching a new range of passive glasses powered 3DTVs which will be on sale in April 2011. According to a report on the Inquirer, at the unveiling of an interactive Q&A promotional video,... [Read more]

IPTV News:


Apple TV sales to exceed 1 million this week

Apple has announced that sales of its Apple TV will crest the one million mark before the end of this week. The set top box is more compact than its predecessor, being just a four inch square device,... [Read more]

Cable News:


Virgin Media officially unveils TiVo STB

Virgin Media has officially launched what the company is calling the UK’s first next-gen entertainment platform. The TiVo powered set-top box boasts a “game-changing” interface (which we saw... [Read more]

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HDTV News:


Slingbox Pro-HD launched in the UK

Sling Media has slung another streaming box out onto the UK market, this one bringing support for full High Definition content. The Slingbox Pro-HD is capable of streaming High Definition content from... [Read more]

Computer News:


Toshiba Tablet will come with Honeycomb OS

Toshiba is about to announce a tablet over in the US at the CES show which will boast a 10.1 inch display and will run Honeycomb, the forthcoming version of Android designed with tablets more in mind... [Read more]

Games News:


Video of Nintendo 3DS surfaces on the net

Can’t wait for the Nintendo 3DS, the three dimensionally endowed yet glasses free handheld which is due out in March? Well, you’ll have to. Although if you want to whet your pre-launch appetite... [Read more]

Mobile Phone News:


Samsung Galaxy S rings up 10 million sales

The popular Samsung Galaxy S smartphone has just reached another sales milestone, hitting 10 million units worldwide, according to the Independent. Samsung announced that the handset had sold 5 million... [Read more]

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Internet News:


Hotmail accounts suffer lost emails

A number of Hotmail users are reporting that late on New Years Eve their emails and email folders appeared to have been deleted. Instead, their Hotmail account simply contains a welcome message standard... [Read more]

Broadband News:


BT Race to Infinity winners announced

BT has announced the winners of its Race to Infinity, the voting competition which ran over the last three months of 2010 to determine which five UK towns would receive fibre broadband. And in fact, BT... [Read more]

Telecoms News:


China to block Skype

According to Chinese media, the country’s Ministry of Information and Industry Technology will seek to block Western VoIP providers. The aim is apparently to safeguard existing Chinese telecoms operators,... [Read more]

Wireless News:


Virgin Media and 3 to partner up?

There have already been rumours whizzing around about Virgin Media’s wi-fi plans, as we reported the week before last. Apparently Virgin wants to create a nationwide wi-fi network to rival BT –... [Read more]

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VoIP News:


China to block Skype

According to Chinese media, the country’s Ministry of Information and Industry Technology will seek to block Western VoIP providers. The aim is apparently to safeguard existing Chinese telecoms operators,... [Read more]

USB News:


Ocean Blue Software launches USB video recording

Ocean Blue Software have today announced a nifty piece of software that allows video recording directly onto a USB stick. Sunrise USB Video Recorder Software allows any USB stick inserted into any USB-enabled... [Read more]

Security News:


PCI DSS 2.0 security standards concerns raised

Concerns have been raised that online businesses are not well enough prepared for PCI DSS compliance, which aims to protect customer banking data. It comes after news that New York-based travel firm, CitySights,... [Read more]

Tech Blog:


MSN celebrates 15 years - of lost opportunity?

It was 15 years ago this week that MSN launched as an internet portal for Microsoft, and developed into one of the first integrated online experiences for many people joining the internet. It could... [Read more]

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