Twitter goes offline

As of 8:40 GTM, Twitter is still offline after a series of problems this morning. Twitter was previously reported as down around 06:30, for around 10 minutes. However, since 08:30 this Tuesday morning, Twitter is offline yet again. It’s not just the website that’s currently.. more

Sony Xperia Z4 specs update

The Xperia Z4 failed to show at CES 2015, but expectations remain high for Sony’s flagship smartphone, which is expected to launch around the end of September in the UK. At.. more

Amazon offers 20% off all Kindles

Amazon have announced 20% off all Kindles - including the Kindle Fire HD and HDX editions. This results in the following current new prices for the different Kindle models: Kindle Fire.. more

PMC offers new business calls, lines, and broadband services

PMC Telecom has announced a new package of calls, lines, and broadband services for.. more

Outsourcing by small businesses increases

A survey of 2200 small businesses in the UK for reveals that the.. more

Sony Xperia Z2 to launch

Sony are about to launch the Xperia Z2 - the successor to the highly.. more