Virgin Media UK

Starview team jailed over card sharing

Four men have been jailed in Derby for stealing Virgin premium channels and providing them to consumers under the name Starview. Using legitimate Virgin Media boxes and subscriptions, they were then able to stream the content to online servers, where those who bought modified set-top.. more
Virgin Media TiVo App

Spotify arrives on Virgin Media TiVo

There’s some good news for streaming music loving Virgin Media customers, as a Spotify app has now arrived on Virgin’s TiVo service. The app rolled out starting this morning, but the.. more
Virgin Media UK

Virgin Media TiVo update incoming

Virgin Media is updating its customers TiVo boxes over the coming week. The update process starts from today (well last night actually) and runs into next week, a staggered delivery to.. more

TiVo goes touchy-feely

What’s the most old-fashioned thing you’ve done lately? Penned a letter? Booked a holiday.. more

Cable TV thieves get prison

Three men who sold cable boxes set up to receive Virgin Media premium channels.. more

Starview cardshare server busted in Derbyshire

Three men have been arrested in Derbyshire on suspicion of trying to defraud Virgin.. more