Sinclair C5: Biggest ever gadget fail

Sir Clive Sinclair has been credited with the worst gadget flop ever with his C5 electric trike back in the 1980s. This is according to a poll of 1,000 “gadget lovers” conducted by the Gadget Show Live. Sinclair is the inventor of one of the.. more
Project Glass

Google releases Glass preview video

Google’s has posted a preview video up on YouTube showing off how its infamous Project Glass will work. Except now it’s just called Glass, meaning that it is, presumably, moving out.. more
Ofcom Logo

Ofcom: UK is at digital TV cutting edge

The latest major piece of research has emerged from Ofcom, and it shows that when it comes to DVRs, smart TVs and catch-up services, the UK is top of the world.. more

Babies being named after Siri

The modern craze of giving unfortunate babies ridiculous names appears to be gathering steam,.. more

Microsoft is producing Google specs rival

As you may recall earlier this year, Google unveiled its Project Glass augmented reality.. more

The UK is a nation of GOOFs

Apparently, Britain is a country full of GOOFs – that is, Gadget Obsessed Over.. more