Twitter goes offline

As of 8:40 GTM, Twitter is still offline after a series of problems this morning. Twitter was previously reported as down around 06:30, for around 10 minutes. However, since 08:30 this Tuesday morning, Twitter is offline yet again. It’s not just the website that’s currently.. more

PMC offers new business calls, lines, and broadband services

PMC Telecom has announced a new package of calls, lines, and broadband services for business, with tariffs claimed to beat BT prices. It means the company becomes the latest ISP for.. more

Facebook video adverts incoming?

Facebook could be on the verge of introducing video adverts this summer, according to the latest social network speculation. The usual “sources familiar with the matter” have been talking to the.. more

Facebook’s popularity slides in UK and US

Facebook is on the wane – at least in developed nations which have had.. more

Google’s Earth Day 2013 doodle

Today is Earth Day 2013, and Google has drawn attention to the occasion with.. more

Virgin Media rejigs traffic management policy

Virgin Media has made adjustments to its broadband traffic shaping, which will apply to.. more