Don’t have an “iPaddy”

The latest term to be added to the tech world by the Daily Mail (yes, that paper with its finger on the pulse of technology) is the “iPaddy”. It sounds like a betting app for iOS, but in fact, this is a term which refers.. more

Apple has another record quarter

Yet again, Apple has broken its own sales records with another storming set of fiscal results for the final quarter of 2012. We’re talking revenue of $54.5 billion (£34.5 billion) with.. more

EE offers iPad mini with 4G

EE has announced that it is now flogging the iPad mini on 4G contracts, as of today. In case you’ve been dwelling underground, beneath a rock, or similar, the iPad mini.. more

Nokia Here Maps lands on iOS

If you’re an iPhone user and fed up with Apple’s infamously patchy new mapping.. more

iPad slips to 50% market share

The latest figures from analyst firm IDC show that Apple is beginning to lose.. more

Apple flogs 3 million iPads in 3 days

As is always the case after a big product launch, Apple has released the.. more