Wii Mini out now, but what’s the point?

Nintendo’s Wii Mini went on sale at the tail end of last week, but with little apparent interest – and we’re not exactly surprised. Pushing this cut-price miniature version of the original Wii out in the UK might well be an effort by Nintendo to.. more

Wii Mini coming March 22nd

Nintendo is following up the release of the Wii U console with a miniature, budget version of the old Wii – the Wii Mini. The classic console will be out in.. more
Nintendo Wii U

Nintendo Wii U launched

Nintendo’s new Wii U console is now on sale in the UK, following its launch in the US earlier this month. The sequel has landed some six years after the Wii.. more

Nintendo names Wii U launch titles

Nintendo has named its software launch line-up for the Wii U, which will be.. more

Nintendo downgrades fiscal outlook

Nintendo has warned investors that it won’t make as much money as it had.. more

Wii U doing well in pre-orders

Nintendo’s upcoming Wii U console is doing well when it comes to pre-order numbers,.. more