Xbox 720 reveal next month

More Xbox 720 rumours have hit the press, this time from a named (and pretty trustworthy) source compared to some of the previous anonymous (and possibly made up) tipsters. Paul Thurrott is a famous name when it comes to Microsoft leaks, and according to a.. more
Xbox 360 and Kinect

More Xbox 720 rumours: DRM and Siri

There have been a flood of rumours regarding the next-gen Xbox this week, the two biggest being the resurfacing of speculation about DRM, and also the fact that better voice recognition.. more

Countdown to E3 Xbox launch?

Apparently the next-generation Xbox will indeed be unveiled at this year’s E3, at least if speculation about a countdown on Major Nelson’s blog is correct. This popped up yesterday, simply titled.. more

Minecraft documentary on Xbox this Saturday

Are you interested in Minecraft, and its developer? Then you’ll want to catch a.. more

Kinect party coming next week

Double Fine has announced the release of a free game for Xbox Kinect next.. more

Xbox 360 gets Napster and SkyDrive

Microsoft has announced that it will be rolling out a bunch of new apps.. more