Apple’s revenue is up, but profits fall

Apple has revealed its latest financial results for fiscal Q2 2013, the quarter which ran up to the end of March, and while revenue hit new highs, the company’s actual profits slumped. Profit margins being down is a first for Apple in a long time.. more

Injustice: Gods Among Us is number one

There’s a new number one at the top of the UK all-format game chart, Injustice: Gods Among Us, which displaces Bioshock Infinite from number one to number two, after three straight weeks at the top for the shooter. Injustice: Gods Among Us is a beat-‘em-up.. more

Google’s Earth Day 2013 doodle

Today is Earth Day 2013, and Google has drawn attention to the occasion with an interactive doodle. If you head off to the search page, you’ll see the doodle, which features a green and lush landscape, the midday sun glaring down on the land –.. more

Tablets ahead of mobiles with iPlayer

The Beeb has released its latest iPlayer figures, showing the amount of views in March, and some interesting mobile stats have been revealed. The headline news is that tablet programme requests have now exceeded those made on smartphones – showing the spread of tablets, and.. more

Facebook iOS app updated with Home features

Are you an iPhone owner, jealous of Facebook’s latest move to bring the Home app to Android? Well, if so, worry not because at least a bit of Home is coming to iOS, and possibly more in the future… What’s Facebook Home, you might ask,.. more

Virgin Media rejigs traffic management policy

Virgin Media has made adjustments to its broadband traffic shaping, which will apply to any customer on a 30Mbps or faster plan. The idea, according to Virgin, is to make these super-fast connections more “flexible” and “responsive.” Essentially, the company activates traffic management at peak.. more

Kobo Aura HD e-reader unveiled

The e-reading world isn’t just about Kindles and Nooks, you know, there are also other e-readers such as Kobo devices (sold in WH Smith) which have made inroads into the eBook market – and a new HD Kobo has just been unveiled. The Kobo Aura.. more

Bioshock Infinite still number one

Bioshock Infinite is still top dog in the UK all-format game chart (as compiled by Chart Track), which makes it three weeks in a row for the shooter. There’s no change at number two, either, with Tomb Raider content to play second fiddle to Bioshock.. more

PSN maintenance on Monday 15th

The PlayStation Network will be having a scheduled maintenance at the start of next week. The PSN will be down from Monday afternoon, starting at 2pm, running through to early Tuesday morning, 5am. So that’s 15 hours of downtime in total. During that time, Sony.. more

Microsoft planning 7 inch Surface

Microsoft has a more compact version of its Surface tablet, a 7 inch slate, in the pipeline according to the latest speculation. There had been talk previously that the next Surface RT – that’s the consumer targeted tablet which runs Windows RT on ARM –.. more

LG smart TVs get PayPal support

Those of you with a smart TV of the LG variety will quite possibly be pleased to hear that the company is making PayPal payment available to users. LG boasts that it’s the first manufacturer to do so, with PayPal going live on its sets.. more

Microsoft Office not coming to iOS and Android until 2014

Microsoft is pushing its Office suite onto iOS and Android, but it won’t be arriving until the middle of next year – or that’s the latest word. Previous speculation had marked this year down as the time when Microsoft would finally stop ignoring Apple and.. more

Next Apple Macs will support 802.11ac

The next-generation of Macintosh computers, due in the near-ish future, will apparently support the 802.11ac (currently draft) wireless standard, according to a rumour doing the rounds. The speculation, highlighted by 9to5Mac, has been put forward by a “tipster” who has been poking around in the.. more

EE doubles up 4G speeds

Lately, we’ve been hearing quite regularly about the expansion of EE’s 4G LTE network, but now the company has declared it’s focusing on quality and not just quantity. EE – its 4G service is now available in 50 towns and cities across the UK –.. more

Sony unveils FMP-X1 4K media player

Sony has taken the wraps of its FMP-X1 4K media streaming box, in the battle to get 4KTV content pepped up – and the company has also priced smaller 4KTV sets in the US. 4K, also known as UHD or Ultra High Definition, is essentially.. more

Bioshock Infinite still number one

Bioshock Infinite is still top of the UK all-format game chart (as compiled by Chart Track), despite sales of the shooter falling heavily. In fact the number of units shifted dropped by 75 per cent, but it still sold enough to keep it ahead of.. more

Xbox 720 reveal next month

More Xbox 720 rumours have hit the press, this time from a named (and pretty trustworthy) source compared to some of the previous anonymous (and possibly made up) tipsters. Paul Thurrott is a famous name when it comes to Microsoft leaks, and according to a.. more

Facebook Home privacy issues clarified

You most likely saw that earlier this week, on Thursday, Facebook launched what is essentially a new Android app called Home – alongside the HTC First, a Facebook branded-phone which will feature the app pre-installed and with deeper integration. The idea is that Home is.. more

4G not a problem for Freeview

Those who tune into Freeview for their TV needs will doubtless be pleased to hear that the much talked about interference from 4G isn’t going to be nearly as big an issue as was first thought. At least according to a preliminary study conducted in.. more

LucasArts game studio is shuttered

The LucasArts game development studio has been closed down by the bigwigs at Disney. Disney bought up LucasArts in the autumn of last year, and negative feelings started to emanate from the outfit even back then, when Disney put a freeze on hiring. Kotaku notes.. more