Samsung HomeSync media hub revealed

Samsung has taken the wraps off its new Android media box, the HomeSync. It carries a 1TB hard drive, and the idea is it can be hooked up to multiple devices, wirelessly or via an Ethernet cable, with up to eight separate accounts so every.. more

Crysis 3 hits number one

Crysis 3 has gone straight in at number one in the UK all-format chart, with last week’s chart topper, Aliens: Colonial Marines, falling well out of favour and slipping to number five. Crysis 3 only just pit the number two game, another new entry from.. more
Posted in All Tech News, Gaming News: PC, Xbox, PS3 & Nintendo on February 26, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 unveiled

Samsung has taken the wraps off its Galaxy Note 8 tablet over at Mobile World Congress (MWC). As the name suggests, this is a mid-size 8 inch tablet, which is the same size as the iPad mini (you can hear the sound of legal papers.. more

Sony unveils PS4 console

Over in New York, late on yesterday (at 11pm, in fact, our time), Sony took the wraps off the PlayStation 4 as expected. Although technical details were scant, we do know that the PS4 is going to be powered by an 8-core processor, which will.. more
Posted in All Tech News, Gaming News: PC, Xbox, PS3 & Nintendo on February 21, 2013

Sony PS4: has no backwards compatibility

Sony have formally announced the PS4 at the “See the Future” event in New York. And in doing so, have confirmed that they have lost the plot entirely. The company that: innovated in the home games market with the PS1, defeated all rivals with the.. more

Google releases Glass preview video

Google’s has posted a preview video up on YouTube showing off how its infamous Project Glass will work. Except now it’s just called Glass, meaning that it is, presumably, moving out of the experimental (“project”) stage and getting ready to become a reality perhaps sooner.. more

North Korea plunders video games for anti-America video

Oblivion and Call of Duty mined by North Korea's propaganda dept. Coming next: Kim Jong-un fights dragons in Skyrim Continue reading

Nvidia Geforce GTX Titan unleashed

The Geforce GTX 690, the current top of the line Nvidia card, has been muscled out by the announcement of the new Geforce GTX Titan this week. This is another super-powerful top-end graphics card from the now market leader Nvidia, and it costs a packet.. more

Ofcom announces 4G auction results

The bidding for the 4G LTE spectrum in the UK, as organised by Ofcom, has finished, and all the major operators now have a piece of the pie, not just Everything Everywhere (EE). EE did, however, carry off more spectrum, alongside Vodafone, O2, Three and.. more

HTC One is launched

HTC has unveiled its new flagship handset, simply called the One, a premium smartphone which it hopes will put it back in the game against the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S3 (and soon-to-be S4) and the iPhone. HTC called last year’s models the One.. more

Aliens: Colonial Marines is number one

Aliens: Colonial Marines has secured the top spot in the UK all-format chart, knocking last week’s number one, Dead Space 3, down to number two. The Sega shooter has been slated by reviewers for its uninspired gameplay and dated graphics, but that didn’t stop Alien(s).. more
Posted in All Tech News, Gaming News: PC, Xbox, PS3 & Nintendo on February 19, 2013

Steam for Linux now out

Today is a happy day for Linux gamers, as Steam for Linux has been released. And the Linux Steam client is all part of Valve’s effort to put some of its digital gaming eggs in a different basket to Windows 8, as it’s not particularly.. more
Posted in All Tech News, Gaming News: PC, Xbox, PS3 & Nintendo on February 15, 2013

BAFTA Game Award nominees announced

Yes, it’s that time of year again, and as we approach the BAFTA Game Awards, which will be given out on March 5, the nominated games in the various categories have been announced. Six games are up for the Best Game in 2013 category, and.. more
Posted in All Tech News, Gaming News: PC, Xbox, PS3 & Nintendo on February 14, 2013

BT announces more fibre exchanges

BT has come forward with details of its next batch of exchanges to get upgraded to fibre, 99 of them in fact. Quite why BT couldn’t push that number to a round 100, we’re not sure, but at any rate this encompasses a further 1.2.. more

Vertu Ti £7,000 smartphone released

Maybe you thought the iPhone was expensive, particularly in its 64GB flavour at £700, but Vertu has just released a luxury Android smartphone which costs almost ten times that amount. The Vertu Ti retails for £6,700 – that’s for the “basic” model, mind, the Titanium.. more

Dead Space 3 rockets to number one

Dead Space 3 has become 2013’s best-selling game, and has shot straight to the top of the UK all-format chart upon its release. Indeed, last week’s chart topper, Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, has seen sales fall by over 60 per cent,.. more
Posted in All Tech News, Gaming News: PC, Xbox, PS3 & Nintendo on February 12, 2013

Freesat adds YouTube to line-up

Freesat is celebrating a figure of 3 million product sales by adding YouTube to its free satellite arsenal. Gross retails sales are now over £1 billion, the service noted in a press release, a figure achieved during the last four years (well, just over). YouTube.. more

Apple iWatch on the way?

Apple is currently experimenting with a flexible glass smart watch, and that could be the next avenue the iGadget maker travels down. The Cupertino-based company is watched like a hawk by the many tech websites and journos around, and there’s always speculation about its next.. more

Samsung Galaxy S4 due in April

The latest smartphone rumour concerns the much awaited next iteration of the Samsung Galaxy S series, and apparently the fourth incarnation will be unveiled next month, and then it’ll be on shelves in April. At least that’s the gossip from the SamMobile website, which reckons.. more

More Xbox 720 rumours: DRM and Siri

There have been a flood of rumours regarding the next-gen Xbox this week, the two biggest being the resurfacing of speculation about DRM, and also the fact that better voice recognition is coming to the console. Let’s start with the one which has certainly caused.. more