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Leanne Yip
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If you love reading books on the train, at home, or even in your garden on a sunny day the Kindle 3 from Amazon is a must have.

With its small price tag of £111 for the Wi-Fi version and £152 for the 3G+Wi-Fi version, it is probably the best value for money ereader in the market.

Even though the price of the Kindle may seem low and have a solid design you must consider buying a case, if you are going to be travelling with it.

This will set you back another £27.99 at least for a decent one. Yet overall the device is cheaper than many other ereaders.

It’s slick, slim design (dimensions: 190 mm x 123 mm x 8.5 mm) creates a very accomplished solid device, which seems very sturdy in the hand. The Kindle has a grey smooth plastic finish on the front and a rubberised flush finish on the back.

The rubberised finish is great as it doesn’t attract finger prints and give good grip. Wi-Fi Kindle weighing 241 grams and the 3G+Wi-Fi Kindle weighing 247 grams makes it easy to hold in the hand, while reading for hours on end.

The black and white display is sharp with 50 % better contrast on the kindle 2 than its predecessor.

Improvements to the E ink technology has made page turns faster and smoother. Unlike other devices the Kindle has no backlight which makes reading superior to any tablet, and also causes no glare which makes reading outside a pleasure.

You will be astonished at how much the display looks like real paper.

Amazon has inputted a developed PDF reader which is very useful as this is a popular format however at times reading PDFs becomes awkward.

The Kindle doesn’t render the PDFs very well so text can be sometimes hard to read.

The extra features the Kindle contains is a music player, web browsing, and text to speech.

The music player is very basic; it doesn’t display the name of artist of the song which can be a little frustrating.

Web browsing can be done through the faster Wi-Fi or free 3G servicing.

The great bonus of the 3G model is that there are no monthly costs for the service. The web browser is a great experience if you are checking your email, going on Twitter or Facebook and checking live sport scores.

However going on complex websites can cause freezing.

Getting books from the Kindle store is simple and efficient as the store can be accessed from the device itself and from the internet. The main benefit of the store it that you can download samples of books for free and trial those out before you buy.

Conclusively the Kindle 3 is the best ereader out there. If your primary incentive is to read books and stuff the web occasionally, this is the device for you. It will never replace a tablet however will definitely be a useful device for keen readers.


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