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The Barcelona from Orange is part of three new mobiles recently released (on the right in the above photo).

The mobile Orange released before these 3 phones was the Sans Francisco, which was hugely popular as it had the latest version of Android at the time, and had a decent sized touchscreen, but was extremely cheap (£105) for a phone with that specification.

Orange is trying to achieve this again through the Barcelona.

The Barcelona is running Android 2.2 Froyo and has a 528MHz Qualcomm MSM7225 processor; ideally this mobile should be running the latest Android 2.3 gingerbread, so this is quite a let down.

The 2.6-inch screen is great as it is touchscreen. Ever increasing amounts of QWERTY style keyboard phones are now adding a touchscreen, such as the new blackberry bold.

The touchscreen makes navigating incredibly easy compared to using just a track pad.

Like the Sans Francisco it seems that Orange doesn’t care too much about the camera, as both the Sans Francisco and Barcelona have low megapixcel cameras, but there has been some improvement as the Barcelona has 3.2 megapixcels.

However this hasn’t been a vast improvement so will still give you shaky videos and blurry photos.

Moreover this mobile has HD voice and Single Boost which means you can connect to nearby Wi-Fi networks instead of the lower speed 3G networks. The device does support Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity.

To be frank the device’s design looks quite cheap, with a lot of plastic, however it’s less than1cm think so will be a nice fit in the pocket.

Costing £99.99 this is an inexpensive Android mobile which does have some great features such as the touchscreen.

However the Barcelona does lack some quality. The camera quality should be better and the processor faster.

Overall the price does represent what you get, which is a feature-packed phone, but with low specs - a good basic and starter model for those who want one.


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We liked

Cheap and cheerful

Many features

Successor to the San Francisco

Good basic model

We Disliked

Not latest Android

Poor camera

Could do with better processor

Not so stylish