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Sick of roaming charges when you’re abroad? Then here’s a mighty piece of advice - switch your phones off and use a walkie-talkie instead.

These little beauties, the Binatone Terrain 750, are built for heavy outdoors use and have a range of about 5 miles.

That means that if you’re on holiday with the family and kids, or friends, then you can easily keep in touch with each other.

For example:

- you might be camping and want to be able to let your children wander out of sight, while being able to keep tabs on them
- you might be doing an activities or adventure holiday with family or friends and want to keep in contact
- one of you might want to nip to the shops while the other stays in your accommodation, without incurring big phone charges
- With friends abroad, but in different villas or apartments, but want to avoid racking up high roaming costs for just texting or calling to arrange the day’s events.

All of this can be done cheaply and easily with a cheap PMR 2-way radios walkie-talkie set.

Even better, these things are robust - I mean, they are built to be dropped, lugged about in bad weather, and treated meanly. Additionally, you never need worry about reception or obstacles blocking your signal - these things are designed for mountain-climbing!

What’s more, the Binatone 750’s will set you back less than £40 on Amazon. Compare that with what your phone bill might be if using it abroad.

And also compare the replacement value in case your phone is lost or stolen - by comparison to something like this.

The Terrain 750 two-way radio is compact and features a moulded grip on the handsets for ease of use. Both handsets come with a belt clip to enable easy storage when on the move.

The Terrain 750 also features a rechargeable battery with charging pod, saving the cost of new batteries, VOX technology for hands-free conversation, and a headset connection.

Full of features The Terrain 750 comes with 968 channels for maximum communication, 10 call tones, rotary volume control for one-touch volume change, a low battery warning to give you advance warning of your batteries running out, a channel scan function which enables the user to search for other users on the same channel, talk confirmation (a Roger beep) to indicate when other users can talk, LED signal strength indicator, keypad lock which helps prevent radio settings being changed by accident, and a stopwatch function.

Of course, if you’re sold on the idea, then you could always go with a cheaper set that have less of a range - for example, the Latitude 150 or 100 models both have a range of 2 miles, which might suit you fine - especially as you’re now in the under £20 range.

Even better, you can get a set of Latitude 150’s in silver, pink, or yellow, so they can be especially good for kids to use.

In this instance, I’m recommending the 750’s simply because it gives that extra distance - which is especially helpful if you plan to be active out of doors. Robust, reliable, and cheaper than using your mobile abroad.

Quite a nifty idea, eh? :)

EDIT: For more on PMR Radios -


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Robust, reliable, 5 mile range, and cheaper than using your mobile abroad. Also, cheap and replacement costs are very low compared to a phone

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You can't play Angry Birds or Candy Crush on them