Bose Lifestyle T20 Review

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If you really want that home entertainment system that you’ve always wanted, but don’t want to get into all the hassle that comes with the installation and setup, then get a Home-theater-in-a-box system. HTIBs are designed to take some of the hassle out of putting together a home theater, but Bose’s new line of Lifestyle home theater systems argues they don’t go far enough.

The new Lifestyle T20 system is built around Bose’s Unify technology, which uses a variety of methods, such as clearly labeled packaging, guided setup, and straightforward commands, to make the systems easier to use. There’s even a step by step video instruction on their site to ensure users are informed and properly guided.

Out of the box, you get 4 satellite speakers, a center speaker, a subwoofer, and of course, a Blu-ray player. I really don’t need to talk about the design. Everybody knows Bose commitment to design and style. The Lifestyle T20 is an example of the company’s dedication.

The feature breakdown on this systems is actually pretty simple. It has four HDMI inputs (included one front HDMI port) and two component video inputs, giving you five total HD connections. They’re all also capable of analog video upconversion, so you’ll only need to make a single HDMI connection from the Lifestyle system to your HDTV.

As for performance, the Bose Lifestyle T20 boasts excellent four dual-cube speakers plus a center channel speaker that delivers exhilarating sound. They feature Bose’s patented Direct/Reflecting speaker technology, which sends a mixture of direct and reflected sound to your ears for convincing wraparound effects. A separate, powered Acoustimass module adds thrilling bottom-end rumble to your movie soundtracks, and can be tucked away in a corner or under an end table.

Furthermore, the T20 features the ADAPTiQ auto calibration system which simplifies setup by automatically tailoring the sound to the size and shape of your room. Just put on the supplied headset with built-in mics, sit in five of your family’s favorite spots, and the system configures its own speaker distance and delay settings. You can be sure that everyone in your room hears the best sound possible.


Comments in chronological order (4 comments)

  1. Chris says:

    I was told it did not com with blu-ray

  2. Chris says:

    As this system got blu-ray

  3. Rand says:

    I read no blue ray or dvd player on a features list.

  4. Dave says:

    I’m afraid that this is not a review. It’s a list of the hardware with a few comments on what it does. I can’t believe that you’ve ever seen the system in real life or you would know that this system definitely does NOT include a Blu Ray player. I’ve been to the Bose store at Meadowhall in Sheffield and asked them!
    Sorry but how can you call this a review when you’re too lazy to get one out the box and try it - or even go to your nearest Bose store and do the same.
    I can tell you though that it did sound pretty mind blowing!

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