Handset makers ‘losing their touch’

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Handset makers 'losing their touch'
Mobile phone makers risk losing customers as they strive to keep up with the success of Apple’s touchscreen iPhone.

In a consumer survey of over 200 handsets, Reevoo.com found that half of the bottom ten handsets are touchscreen models.

The 19,000 phone users surveyed rated just two touchscreen handsets in their top ten models.

Ratings were given for a range of criteria, including style and function.

Nokia’s non-touchscreen 5220 xpressmusic was rated as the user favourite with a score of 8.8 out of ten.

The highest rated touchscreen phone was, unsurprisingly, Apple’s iPhone, scoring 8.3 out of ten.

Targets of reviewers’ fury included the HTC Touch Diamond, the Samsung Armani, and Samsung Omnia, and the Samsung F490.

Reviewers complained that the HTC Touch Diamond is ‘very un-user friendly’. ‘Typing text messages is a nightmare’ and ‘the battery lasts 36 hours at most’ complained one frustrated user.

Samsung’s Armani was said to have a ‘terrible camera’ and ‘nightmare touchscreen; the Samsung Omnia makes it ‘difficult to do simple things like text and make a call’; whilst the Samsung F490 has ‘fussy touch screen controls’.

Jo Reale of Reevoo.com said: “Manufacturers are keen to jump on the touchscreen bandwagon but most of the current efforts are just not pushing the right buttons for shoppers.

“We love the look of touchscreen phones, and the ability to watch videos on a large screen, but touchscreen phones are hard to get right and many shoppers are complaining that touchscreen interfaces are just too fiddly.

“If mobile phone manufacturers want to make an impact in the touchscreen arena, they need to listen to what consumers want and address the issues shoppers have with current touchscreen models.”

Users’ favourite phones are:
1. Nokia 5220 XPRESSMUSIC
2. Nokia E71
3. Sony Ericsson W595
4. Nokia 2680
5. Nokia 3110 Classic
6. Samsung M150
7. Apple IPHONE3G 16GB – touchscreen
8. LG KC910 Renoir – touchscreen
9. Nokia 6600 Slide
10. Nokia 3600

The bottom ten:
1. HTC Touch Diamond - touchscreen
2. Sony Ericsson T303
3. Samsung Armani - touchscreen
4. Sony Ericsson C702
5. Nokia 6124 Classic
6. BlackBerry Storm 9500 - touchscreen
7. Samsung i900 Omnia - touchscreen
8. Nokia N96
9. Samsung U600
10. Samsung F490 - touchscreen


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