Hitachi P42T01U Plasma Television

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hitachi-p42t01u-1.jpgFor every shopper there is always the choosy ones. In shopping for an HDTV, we can’t help bu choose. Well, fortunately, the Hitachi P42T01U is available in two finishes. All you have to do is choose. Either the one with the gloss black or matte black with a silver trim, you will never go wrong. This unit will definitely leave their owners in awe and owners of other Plasma’s envious.

The P42T01U comes in with a 1,024 x 1,080 resolution. Yeah, it is not a full HD, but the trick here is that the pixels on this screen are squeezed closer together to achieve this effect.

The Hitachi P42T01 has good rather than outstanding connectivity with 2 HDMI, 3 Scart sockets, Component, Composite and S-video inputs. One of the HDMI’s is located at the front of the screen under a flip panel. For gamers, this is a big plus! The screen also sports analogue and digital tuners with seven-day EPG (Electronic Programming Guide) along with USB and CI slot for pay TV.

The P42T01 offers a range of acoustic features which include SRS WOW and TruBass.
plasma televisions? The P42T01U is an excellent High Definition (HD) performer. HD DVD reproductions are marvelous with an incomparable level of sharpness that would really give other manufacturers a run for their money. Subtle detailing is immaculate, and colors are reproduced faultlessly and with a subtlety that makes skin tones look supremely realistic.

Another point that needs to be mentioned with the P42T01 is Standard Definition (SD) performance. The screen displays a commendable lack of video noise, with a little shimmering visible only with the fastest motion scenes. There is little degradation when moving to terrestrial Freeview.

It is because of the P42T01’s great performance with SD as well as HD material that the black level performance came as such a disappointment.

With darker scenes, the P42T01U shows signs of greyness where there should be pure black. The problem doesn’t detract too much from viewing pleasure, its just that other Plasma screens are better in this respect, and far more enjoyable as a result.

Hitachi’s P42T01U is a great all round performer, but receives a big negative with its black representations. But then again, nothing in this world is ever perfect, not even Hitachi’s P42T01U Plasma TV.



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