HP PL4272N Plasma HDTV Quick Review

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Looking for a value priced plasma TV in the 42 inch size range? Then check out the HP PL4272N HDTV. This set may not have the best looking pictures for an HDTV, but it is awfully cheaper than its contemporaries in the market. The PL4272N’s 1024-by-768-pixel native resolution may also not be the best out there, but this set is as good as any.

The PL4272N has a classy gloss piano black finish and have a 10,000:1 contrast ratio. The HP PL4272N has a resolution of 1024×768 and support up to 1080p signals, have three HDMI inputs, 2 component, VGA PC connection and built in digital tuners.

The PL4272N’s on-screen menus are small and colorful, yet easy to read, with Simple Menu and Full Menu options. The menus include options such as the white wash function, a utility designed to fix burn-in problems before they become permanent.

However, the PL4272N omits many features that, while not make-or-break, could have added to the viewer’s enjoyment. For example, it has no headphone jack, no picture-in-picture, and no media slots.



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