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This is the last webOS mobile phone, as HP has discontinued webOS. Nevertheless the Pre 3 is still on sale and has the latest features and hardware.

Like nearly all HP mobiles, the basic design has stayed the same, with a touchscreen and side-out full QWERTY keyboard.

On the front of the device there is a touchscreen that has a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels and dimensions of 111 x 64 x 16 mm. The touchscreen being a little larger than one on an iPhone 4 makes it a lovely size for watching Youtube videos and the high resolution gives you clear images. In addition the screen’s brightness is great for outdoor use.

The HP Pre 3 is running the discontinued webOS. Because this operating system is no longer going to be developed by Hp, webOS users will not get anymore updates.

Also due to the lack of success of webOS there is a lacklustre selection of apps, Skype and Pingchat are not available. Nevertheless is has been rumoured that Samsung may take over Webos, and if successful the number of apps should increase.

On the back of the device there is a 5-megapixel auto-focus camera with flash which is capable of shooting 720p HD video. The auto-focus works really well giving decent sharp photos. Moreover there is a VGA front facing camera for video calls.

The side-out QWERTY keyboard is really great to use, as this is the biggest keyboard HP has ever made, and they have done an excellent job as typing is super quick.

Having a 1.4 GHz processor means multitasking is seamless. Furthermore the multitasking and notification navigation is superb. Its simple to stack apps into folders and open or close apps, webOS defiantly has the best multitasking system of all.

While the thought of it being a discontinued line may not be welcome for some people, Carphone Warehouse have been offering this on a contract for around £10/month, which certainly makes it one of the cheaper smartphone deals out there.

Overall this is a quality smartphone that is great for multitasking, camera use and email.


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We liked

Good size touchscreen

Decent camera

Good keyboard

We Disliked

Uses unsupported webOS

Few apps

No Skype