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At first sight you would be forgiven for thinking this HTC Gratia might be the htc HD mini: however there are many differences.

The main different is that the Htc Gratia uses android and the HD mini uses windows. Even though the favoured Android platform is on the Gratia, the HD mini has been more popular in the UK, and the Gratia non-existent.

The HTC Gratia has a simplistic design which is very stylish and solid, and comes in 2 colours: all black, or black and white.

Looking around the device it has a 5 megapixel auto focus camera without any flash.

The lack or flash and jumpy video recording makes the camera feature a real turn off for any buyer.

On the front of the device there is an optical track pad which is a nice alternative from the touchscreen, if required.

The 4 familiar touch sensitive buttons (home, menu, back and search) beneath the screen makes it extremely easy to navigate trough menus.

The screen itself is 3.2 inches across and has a resolution of 320 X 480, this makes the image quality very crisp and bright.

It is capable of pinch and zoom which is always a handy feature when web browsing and viewing photos. Due to the quite small screen, the onscreen keyboard is cramped and easily perceptible to mistakes when typing.

When listening to music htc have provided a neat music player that shows album artwork even on the lock screen when music is playing. It also has a built in FM Radio which is always a bonus.

However when using the loudspeaker the sound quality is quite poor.

It has a 600 Mhz CPU and 384 MB RAM which creates a fairly snappy device.

This is great when surfing the web as it is smooth to scroll through text however there is definite lag when using the pinch to zoom feature.

In addition the Gratia doesn’t have Adobe flash 10.1, only Flash Lite so some videos may not work.

Overall the htc Gratia is not a device that is going to replace your HTC Desire for example, but would be perfect for a person looking for a first time Android buy, as it does all the essentials needed.

Yet there are much better phones in the market for the same price of about £200.

Therefore while the HTC Gratia looks like a typically decent product, it’s worth asking why not buy the cheaper HTC Sensation instead, which is available on PAY for around £140.


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HTC phone


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Better phones out there

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