Mitsubishi LT55265 1080p LED LCD HDTV

Franz Bicar
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Three or five years ago, TVs for watching sports or action movies were hard to come by. This is due to fast moving scenes and the inability to recreate motion without adding a lot of pixels on the object. Now, the Mitsubishi LT55265 is perfect for the job. This 55-inch model has over-delivered on its promises to take your HDTV viewing experience to the next level.

The LT55265 is contained in an all black cabinet with a glossy, beveled finish. The bottom enclosure houses 18 speakers. Above the speakers is a silver Mitsubishi logo underlined by a blue backlit power indicator strip. The 65-pound cabinet sits on a rectangular black plastic base that is very sturdy but lacks swivel motion.

At the right side of the set, you have the Power, Input Select, Channel, and Volume buttons. On the opposite side, you have the component A/V jacks, two USB ports, and three HDMI ports, making connecting various devices easy and painless, especially when the TV is mounted on a wall. At the back, there is a small recessed portion which holds the TV (cable/antenna) and IR remote port, one additional HDMI port, one set of component A/V ports, and an Ethernet jack.

When it comes to performance, the Mitsubishi LT55265 performed really well. Out of the box, the colors tend to be dull, but with a bit of tweaking, colors are bright and pop right out of your screen. As for sound, the LT55265’s is surprisingly amazing. As mentioned, there are 18 tiny speakers along the bottom of the set to simulate a 5.1 surround-sound system. You can even opt not to get a separate sound system with the LT55265.

The Mitsubishi LT55265 also integrates an 802.11n radio for wireless Web connectivity. Once connected, you get web applications like Facebook, Flickr, Fox News Flash, Picasa, Rachel Maddow, Sesame Street, Wikipedia, and YouTube, and of course, Vudu Movies.

You can also plug in a flash drive on the LT55265. You can view JPEGs and listen to MP3s. But, it doesn’t support any video format so you can’t watch anything from your flash drive. You can combine JPEGs and MP3s into a slideshow with music.


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