Mobile Phone Recycling companies: scam? A review

Brian Turner
Brian Turner -

Mobile phones are the most common electronic devices on earth by volume, and a third of the tin used in them is mined from the war-ravaged Republic of Congo, last home of the threatened Mountain Gorilla.

No wonder recycling old mobile phones should be considered a priority, and why a number of companies are trying to position themselves as the market leader for this growing area.

This is not least by offering more money to recycle your mobile phone than you would normally be able to get if selling second-hand on the street or in the paper classifieds.

The trouble is, like any growth industry, there tends to be a handful of key company players with long-term business goals, surrounded by an unhealthy crowd of opportunists and affiliates whose aim is short-term gain over consumers.

Also be warned that the phone you send in needs to be in very good condition to get the full price offered - across the sector around 20% of phones offered for recycling will get a lower price due to some kind of damage, not least scratching and other cosmetic damage that makes a phone scream “second-hand”!

Therefore if you’re looking to recycle your old mobile phone - and good on you - here are the better companies to consider doing business with:

Mobile Phone Xchange

One of the biggest mobile phone recycling companies, MobilePhoneXchange provide the service directly, as well as through larger business partners such as Littlewoods, News of the World, and Argos.

According to MoneySavingsExpert, they also offer the highest price for good condition phones than any other mobile recycling company.

They offer the best range of payment options, such as paying directly into your bank account, cheque, text payment, or via vouchers from Debenhams, Argos, or Marks and Spencer.

Mobile Phone Exchange homepage:


Envirofone is one of the oldest and more established among the mobile recycling companies.

According to their website, Envirofone promises to return your phone if you’re not happy with the price offered. This can be a particular advantage if you change your mind, or your phone is determined to have more cosmetic damage than you would otherwise claim.

Envirofone website:

Mazuma Mobile

Mazuma Mobile is one of the newest big companies on the block in the UK’s mobile phone recycling industry, and have been pushing hard with a long-running high-profile TV advertising campaign.

The company has also made a point of making customer care, rather than pricing, a key priority. Mobile phone recycling companies inevitably face complaints on the price offered if the phone is not in 100% good condition, so Mazuma have made more effort than others to try and address this head on.

Mazuma Mobile webste:


Fonebank are one of the other established names in the mobile phones recycling industry, and the oldest of the larger companies that offer to buy mobile phones for recycling.

Claiming to have paid out £10 million for mobile phones for recycling in 2009, they do not offer as many flexible benefits as the other companies listed above.

However, Fonebank remains worth considering as one of the UK’s top companies for buying mobile phones for recycling.

Fonebank website:


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  1. John Moriarrty says:

    Sent my iphone to Mobile Phone Exhcange and I got a very official looking email back with an order No ETC and I was told I would have a cheque sent to me with in 3 days. But alas no cheque has arrived two weeks after they said it would be sent!!!

  2. L Curtis says:

    I have recently sent a phone into sky phones. About 4 weeks ago. Got promised £84.50 for a modern phone with no damage. Got an email a week later to say the price has been dropped becauce of damage ( there was none) to £64. I have already paid the £84 to my son whos phone it was, and despite loads of emails sent threating legal action as it had now been weeks and weeks, ive not reieved any emails or payment (which was meant to be into my paypal account). No contact at all. This money is a lot to me as we are moving home soon, so need to get it sorted :(

  3. L mcb says:

    Did you ever get sorted with skyphones? I sent my phone in about 4/5 weeks ago by special delivery to be on the safe side. They eventually acknowledged receipt and on 29 October emailed to say it had passed testing and payment was being processed but I haven’t received payment via paypal yet. I have sent emails but no reply and this morning tried to phone skyphones. It just rang off the hook then when I rang back it was engaged so tried again and it rang off the hook again which makes me think they’re not answering calls. Really worried I’ve been scammed and I’ve actually paid them to take my phone by paying for special delivery thinking I was being cautious!!!

  4. J Rahman says:

    I have also sent my iPhone to Skyphones recently as they were offering the best price on a price comparison site. The same thing also happend to me. They offered me £160, but after checking the phone they only offered £120, which sucks, but I just accepted it. They promised to pay me within 7 days but it’s nearly been two weeks. I’ve emailed them and called by no answer!

  5. Gareth says:

    Oh dear, I too sent a couple of phones off to them because they were offering the best prices, that was 12 days ago.. has anyone had any money off them or any contact??

  6. Jason Bingham says:

    Same here as well. They have my phone, I received confirmation that is passed their test and then another email advising payment was on its way. This was over a month ago and I’m still waiting after loads of chasing by email and phone. But they never reply nor answer calls….AVOID! I’ve given up hope which I feel is what they’re after. Thank god it was for only £24 I sent a couple of iPhones to Mazumba and got payment straight away. DONT BE SUCKED IN BY SKYPHONE’S PRICES!!!

  7. Abbey says:

    I sent two phones off to them over 2 weeks ago and I’ve heard nothing at all from them. I also selected paypal as the payment method.. Anyone heard anything?

  8. George Witter says:

    I send my phone to Skyphone , and was promptly notified that the price was reduced by £12 as there was scratches on the phone.When I sent the phone them there was none! Agreed lower price because if I did not then there would be a £12 admin fees for returning the phone. Still have not got my cheque after three weeks. I now have to report my phone stolen and hopefully it can be blocked.This company is a scam. please do as much as you can to publicise this.

  9. Richard says:


    Same as everyone else, sent phone, got confirmation email, no cash, no response to phone or emails, anyone got any ideas what to do?

  10. Tony says:

    Look this is getting to be a major fraud.There are loads of different forums all saying the same things. i too have been ripped off by this company.if you can all look at the ‘Skyphones’ facebook page,there is a discussions board where someone is collaborating all these complaints and passing them on to seems that this company operates abroad aswell maybe Lithuania the company Director is a woman called Milda Palaimate who apparently lives in Sweeden Confused?

  11. Martin says:

    Sold two nokia’s to Mobile phone exchange. They offered £85 per phone. Both phones were mint.
    They sent me a email saying the amount was reduced because of damage to the screen.
    I Phoned them and told them they had screen protectors on both phones and i had taken Photos of both phones prior to sending (NO PROTECTORS WERE ON THE PHONES and i had no photos). They said they would check and ring me back, (They didnt). I phoned again and insisted they send the phones back to me as i was not happy and know about the legal cases going to court, regarding scamming people out of the money.
    They said they had now shipped the phones out, Which is illeagal as they were still mine, i then told them i would be contacting the legal team of the clients who are taking them to court with the emails and “Photo’s of my phones”.
    Within 5 mins i recieved a email confirming they would send the Full amount.
    I WAS LUCKY, you may not be TAKE LOTS OF PHOTOS prior to sending your phones and be prepaired for a fight.
    I also sent a phone last year to mazuma mobile, They sent all the money with no problems.
    I would have used again but MPX offered £25 more per phone.
    Never again!

  12. George Witter says:

    I reported my phone loss and asked for it to be blocked, the next day received payment via paypal, I did not request payment via paypal, but was more than happy to open an account, the payment was further reduced by £2.93, being paypal fee. if Skyphone require me to unblock my phone then they will need to pay an admin fee of £12.I feel that the law needs changing for situations like these, at least the post office should be bared from delivering phone to Skyphone address.

  13. Martin says:

    I sent two phones to Skyphones on the 11th October, they gave me a price of £444, on receipt they dropped it to £438 for damage (there was no damage) but for the sake of £6 I wasn’t concerned. I received an email on October 24th saying payment was being processed, nearly a month later I have not received a penny, as with others on here I have sent 7 emails with no response, I have called dozens of times and I get either the engaged tone or the phone rings out. I have contacted trading standards and they have advised me to send a breach of contract letter which I have done. Next step I will be travelling to their address to find out what is going on.

  14. George Witter says:

    “I will be travelling to their address to find out what is going on.” Martin don’t waste your time travelling to Skyphone address, its only a collection point, the actual address is occupied by a double glazing shop.

  15. Rob says:

    Unfortunately it looks like I too have fallen foul to these scammers..
    I sent my iPhone into them with a known crack on it, they reduced the original £161 offer to £145 which I thought fair.
    Last I heard from them though was 27 Oct saying that my money was on it’s way, I selected BACS payment to speed things along, but I fail to believe it takes this long to process!
    I have emailed numerous times since, and am getting nothing. Seriously disappointing.

  16. Rob says:

    If you feel Skyphones is a scam each of you can report it to Gov’ts Consumer Direct trading standards for investigation.

  17. NB says:

    Ive just reported these to Trading standards, they have done me over too, does anyone have their address, someone posted they are operating from a double glazing shop but i need to get their address for trading standards.

  18. martin says:

    Quick update, I contacted trading standards who advised me to send a breach of contract letter, I sent one recorded delivery on the 22nd it reached Skyphones today (23rd) this afternoon the money was paid into my account, bit of a coincidence? Anyway I have received what they owe me, I have 3 more phones to sell but I will not be touching Skyphones with a bargepole ever again. Good luck to everyone still owed money I hope you obtain a satisfactory outcome.

  19. bob says:

    haha all you idiots who went with skyphone because they offered the best price, remember the old saying ”if it sounds too good to be true it probably is”. you should have gone to a reputable firm offering less money instead of being greedy

  20. keith roberts says:

    same as all the others.sent phone.dropped answer to emailsor phone.absolute scam.disgusted.

  21. Lisa says:

    Bob that really isn’t helpful is it?! Admittedly we were fooled but some people need as much money as poss. At least we’re not sad enough to be joining in discussions which have nothing to do with us, we’re just trying to help each other out!
    Anyway, Martin, did you get a template letter from trading standards? Would like to give that a go!

  22. Martin says:


    I don’t have a template but if you call your local Trading Standards office they will tell you what to put in the letter.

  23. Rob says:

    Update to post 13:
    After weeks of trying to contact them by phone and email, even threatening to report them to Trading Standards, the Office of Fair Trading, and even the Police, I finally got paid on Monday!
    Of course I hadn’t been told by Skyphones that I had been paid, so didn’t realise until I checked my account.
    Good luck to those still waiting, there is hope!

  24. Jimmy says:

    I got paid by these lot, the full amount, but took them 2 weeks - they also operate fonecraze too. I should have gone with fonebank, who I usually recycle with and always have a cheque with me in a couple of days, but fonecraze was offering £37.50 as opposed to £30.

    I wont be using them again, and hope they pay out to all who are having problems.

  25. Mike says:

    Dear Customers,

    Skyphones would like to sincerely apologize for the negative experience that you had with our company. This is not representative of the way we treat our customers. We are very sorry that it has taken such a long time to remit our payments to you and we hope that you will understand that we have been experiencing some extremely high volume of mobile phones being sent to us. However we would like to inform you, that we are now on the road to recovery and anticipate to clear all our backlog of orders before the 21 of December 2010. Thank you for your patience and please be assured that we
    will do everything in our power to ensure that this type of error does not occur in the future and payments will reach our customers in time.
    Skyphones Management

  26. Martin says:


    I think everyone understands that companies go through difficult periods, my main concern (and I believe many others who have experienced a problem with Skyphones) is the complete lack of information and contact which leaves everyone in the dark and causes resentment and concerns about the company operating legitimately. Had problems been handled more professionally then the reputation of Skyphones would not have been damaged to the degree it has.

  27. madison says:


  28. madison says:

    ^i wish i thought that comment was genuine but i doubt it, why dont they answer the phone.

  29. Lisa says:

    Mike@skyphones, I appreciate your comments and hope that they are indeed sincere and followed up by subsequent payments to us customers as contractually agreed. As per my letter which having checked on royal mail’s tracking service, I understand you received today, I am still expecting my payment to be made within 7 days of the date of my letter as I have already waited over a month since your confirmation of payment email and frankly 21st December is just too long. If I do receive payment I will take no further action and perhaps you may can recover some of your reputation.

    To everyone else, I will keep you posted as to whether I receive payment. Let’s hope we all get what payments we are owed for our property as agreed, and soon!


  30. Peter says:

    Mazuma : Sent in my fully working iphone, got quoted £120.

    They gave me £50 and said it was broken which it definitely wasn’t! They didn’t contact me by email and told lies about trying to contact me.

    Mazuma mobile is a scam

  31. KONEY O D COSTA says:

    i have a feeling this company is a kind of chit will tell pupil to avoid this site.

    To: …………
    > Subject: Your item is not as on order
    > From:
    > Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2010 05:05:07 +0000
    > Dear Koney Orlince D Costa,
    > We would like to inform you that your item order No. (15915) has now been through our technical department and has been accepted,
    > however it does not meet the requirements for full payment. Upon inspection, the following faults were found:
    > Scratches on the screen and body.
    > In this instance we would like to offer you £20 for your phone.
    > If you do not reply within 3 days we will assume you accept the revised price and will process the payment.
    > If you choose to decline our new offer please reply to this e-mail and after an administration charge of £12 is paid we will send the handset back to you within 7 days.
    > Thank you for choosing us to recycle your handset and keeping the environment clean for our future.

  32. george says:


  33. Lisa says:

    Final update - I got my money through via paypal, finally, yay!!! So perservere people, write your letters of breach of contract giving them notice of proceedings, send via recorded delivery and you SHOULD receive your payment within 7 days. Wishing you all the best of luck. Lisa

  34. Penno says:

    DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!I’m exactly the same as you all. It’s now over 2 months and still no sign of any payment. I’ve sent an e mail threatening to report them to trading standards but surprise suprise they dont seem phased by this and like the other many e mails I have sent i’ve still not had a reply.Following not having a reply I have now reported them.It’ll be interseting to see if they do actually pay up by 21st… Not holding my breath.I could kick myself for not sending the phones to a reputable company and being fooled by the promise of a higher price. This is unlike me really but due to have a baby in 4 months so every penny helps.

  35. Ashlea says:

    Hello I too am a fool of this website I’m owed £340 from month ago, can anybody point me in the right direction of what to send them special delivery? Trading standard act? Many thanks all,

  36. Lynne says:

    These stories sound very familiar! i sent my phone after being quoted 25.50, then about 2 weeks later got e-mail sayin due to damage (which there was none) they could only offer me £17!!an for them to return it to me, would cost £12! I got email fromt hem on 28th Nov saying my payment was on the way, and still no payment!! cant get in touch with them! looks like ive been done! :(

  37. lorenzo grasso says:

    I have a business in coventry called sky phones ltd trading LEGALLY, we dont buy phones for recycling. We are nothing to do with sky phones org. It seems no one can get to speak to anyone at this company so they look up our shops number as it is very similar in name. I probably get three phone calls everyday with angry customers complaining of not recieving their money. Surely something can be done with this fraudulent company as i am sick of explaining to their customers they probably wont recieve anything. If you have been a victim of this company i hope you report this to trading standards and the police!!!!

  38. Ashlea says:

    Hello all, has anybody heard Any more on this
    ? Still cannot get hold of anyone, its an absolute
    Disgrace, next step is to contact trading I think .

  39. yours says:

    still waiting for money from fonecraze

    does anybody know if they are recommended by others? phone doesnt’ work they dont reply on any email

    need to report as a scam

  40. sara says:

    Hi all,
    Any news on skyphones ??? i wrote a personal letter to the address on there website and stil had no reply, I guess they really are a scam, my phone they said was worth around £50.00 and Still no money. Anyone up for the story to the paper? showing these guys up and that they carnt do this???

  41. Neil Hillman says:

    Can anyone give me the trading standards contact details as SKY PHONES have treated me the same and I won’t let them get away with it.

  42. Neil Hillman says:

    Skyphones Europe Ltd
    Unit C, 4 Footscray Road
    New Eltham
    London SE9 2TW

  43. saboor shafiq says:

    i sent my i phone to these scammers and they promised me £241.51 and they mailed me saying it has been accepted and also mailed me saying my payment will be reicev in 14 workings day and it has now been 2 months and nothing has happened …. any advice on what to do, how to get my money or phone back would be helpful thanks very much

  44. Neil Hillman says:

    I have been paid by this company today and its two months since i sent the phone. I emailed them saying I am getting Trading Standards in and they paid up !

  45. jade bonser says:

    i wish i had read there before i sent my phone off. I have sent an email stating i will get trading standards involved if they dont send my cash. I sent my phone in over a month ago again they reduced the price due to damage and said they would process payment within 3 days . . .Still nothing! Can i have the number for trading standards please? So much for customer service hey. Only thing i will be sending to sly phones from now on is a bomb! Ha

  46. mark inchley says:

    I am getting Trading Standards

  47. mark inchley says:

    I am getting Trading Standards if i do not get my money week thank you

  48. Gary Wick says:

    Oh god I wish I would have seen this a month ago. It now looks like I’ve been scammed by them aswell. I’ve been sending them emails daily for 2 weeks and ringing their number loads of times a day. I shall be contacting trading standards tomorrow in the hope I can at least get mynphone back cos it don’t look like I’ll be getting my money

  49. emily says:

    hi i think this has happened to me too.
    can somone tell me how to sort this out please? who do i need to contact and get what information?

  50. Rich says:

    If anyone is interested skyphones is registered at the following address: 401 Footscray Road New Eltham London SE9 2DR. You might have more joy visiting in person. I unfortunately live too far away to pay a personal visit to retrieve my phone. I have however blocked it so no-one else can use it.

  51. Rich says:

    I’ve also contacted trading standards who have given me some good legal advice. I recommend everyone else who has had the same problem do the same.

  52. Tony says:

    you will get your money back eventually but you will have to send a letter threatening court action and make sure you send it registered. By the way the address in Eltham is a glazing company and is just used to collect the phones.
    I got my money but had to wait a couple of months

  53. claire ward says:

    i have also sent a phone to skyphones, they said they could`nt pay the amount they stated but i excepted it anyway. They sent me an email on the 25th of jan saying my money was on the way through paypal. Ive not recieved any payment and sent several emails but no reply`s at all from them.I am very annoid that i have no payment or phone and they have not replied to my emails.

  54. Dissapointed says:

    SE9 2DR
    Company No. 07199755
    Trading Standards Complaint Ref: SE3774405

    To whom this may concern

    You are hereby notified that SkyPhones Europe Ltd are in breach of contract, under the Breach of Contract Act, S13 Supply of Goods and Services 1982, for “non-performance of contract”. SkyPhones Europe Ltd have been reported to Trading Standards accordingly.

    SkyPhones Europe Ltd now have 7-10 days to either pay for the Nokia mobile phone received or return the phone to me the owner. I will shortly be sending you a registered certified letter of the same.
    Please respond to my complaint in the next 14 days. If you fail to in this time, I will have no option but to consider taking the matter further.

    NB From your Terms and Conditions:
    Where possible we endeavour to make all payments within 7 days from the day your mobile phone has passed our testing stage and confirmed to meet our terms and conditions. At busy times of the year we cannot guarantee payment within this period, please allow up to 14 working days.

  55. Dissapointed says:


  56. Dissapointed says:

    SkyPhones Europe Ltd have two addresses:
    401 Footscray Road (registered office)(and on GMaps it does look like a window company. There’s also the mobile phone delivery address, Unit C, No. 4 Footscray Road, which is at the other end of the Road and looks like an old disused office building.
    Skyphones Europe Ltd
    Unit C, 4 Footscray Road
    New Eltham
    London SE9 2TW


    SE9 2DR
    Company No. 07199755

  57. Matthew says:

    I, too, have been screwed by Skyphones. I sent them my iPhone and accepted their offer (which was £10 less than advertised because of non-existant “damage”) some six weeks ago but have neither received my money nor heard anything from them since.

    I will be following the sound advice posted above and taking the matter further.

  58. Emails says:

    Try these email addresses, we got responses today:

    They are Lithuanian!

  59. FoneCraze says:

    They are also operating under FoneCraze

  60. Email Sky Phones says:

    Try these email addresses and - got replies today!

  61. ACon! says:

    Try these email addresses and – got replies today!

  62. Email Sky Phones says:

    Money got paid today after emailing the above people! Also got an email response from Michael to inform money paid. Emailing the letter above does work! Try it all!

  63. CeO of SkyPhones says:

    CEO of SkyPhones is Lithuanian and lives in Sweden:

    Milda Palaimaite
    Södra Förstadsgatan 120
    21428 MALMÖ
    Tel: +46 040-627 20 09

  64. ROFL says:

    I’m more than sure the CEO is somewhere in China, They are more likely to do it than a person from sweden…

  65. mike says:

    Mobile Phone Xchange was rubbish. I sent in my LG KU990i phones to them - expecting £18 each, they sent back only £6 a piece - relating scratched screen and one phone having lost a stylus (which the model doesn’t even have).

    Mobile Phone Xchange sucks

    I will say, however, my experience with Fonebank was exceptional. Sent in phones with FreePost and got check in 2-3d. And it was what I was quoted.

    So, I will go back to Fonebank again and steer clear of Mobile Phone Xchange

  66. Mark says:

    I to have been scamed by these people, Not answering there phones, Not responding to e mails.
    How do we get the money we have been promised???
    Has anybody contacted trading standards, or anyone legal?, I dont know what to do now, I just want whats owed to me.

  67. ian says:

    do not use fonecraze as they arent reliable, loads of people have been trying to get thier money or phone off them and they refuse to reply to messages left on thier website and refuse to take calls.
    if you want to read other peoples hassle with them have a look at im sure theres more forums out there with the same problems

  68. karen says:

    I sent off 3 non damaged phone in November last year, Got a email from skyphone says that they recieved my phone but they were damaged and they would have to reduce the price by £30, wasnt happy but I said I would take the lower price. Then in December got another email saying the same thing and they were reducing the price even more, I then asked for my phones back and they said I would need to pay to get them back, cut a long story short I still havent recieved my phones back or payment for them.

  69. emily says:

    i am going to write a letter and send it to them regarding my phone.
    can someone help to what i need to put in the letter please, like what shall i say to them about getting my money back.
    and also which address to send it to, thanks!

  70. Richard says:

    I sent them my iphone in november 2010 and was promised 200 pounds still to this day have not recieved my money.

  71. Tessa D says:

    I’ve been waiting for payment for two mobiles since 16 March. I have no idea what to do next or who to contact. When I call Skyphones the number is either engaged or just rings out. I’ve sent them several emails but have not received the courtesy of a response.

    If anyone can help me further I’d be extremely grateful.


  72. Martin Tomkins says:

    I don’t think there is a reputable mobile phone recycling scheme running. I went with mobile exchange (as they had the best reputation). They knocked £50 off a £79 valuation as they say the screen is heavily scratched…….. It wasn’t! Even if it was is a screen worth £50???? Basically they have you by the short and curlies once they have your device. I will never recycle another phone. Sad I know, but I for one dont want to put money in these schisters pockets. Unless your selling a brand new device you will loose out. False advertising, lies, no transparency ….scam!

  73. Steve says:

    Skyphones aren’t the only relatives of Dick Turpin!

    Mobilephone exchange dropped their offer significantly when they received my phone saying the time limit for sending it in had elapsed (??) and the screen was badly damaged. It was in perfect order when I sent it away and I wrapped in three times in bubble wrap just to be on the safe side.


  74. Barry says:

    We recycled through Mobile Phone Exchange aiming for the offer price of £49. The phone was in great condition and securely packaged. We had a revised offer of £19 due to the screen apparently being heavilly scratched. This was not true at all so I called and had the price instantly upped to £39. As I didn’t want to pay to have it returned (and didn’t want to risk having a different screen sent back) I accepted. I’d say the company have tried it on - I’ve seen several other reports of the same thing. BEWARE.

  75. Helen says:

    I too am still waiting for paying, since i had an email from them on 16th March saying payment is being processed, they offered me £7 less because of a scratch. Really wish i hadnt have used them now, i have just emailed them again, but next time will use the trading standards letter.

    Good Luck everyone who has used this CRAP company…

  76. Tessa says:

    I’m at the end of my tether with this and so have contacted my local Community Relations Officer within my local police force. I’m hoping that she can either help me or point me in the right direction. I’ll pop a post on here once she comes back to see if she can assist anyone else. The annoying thing is that my husband sold his phones via another company and got his money within days.


  77. rrr says:

    sent two high priced handsets - Nokia 8800 Sapphire Brown handsets-I normally use Mazuma but thought id take a gamble and send it to them to get an extra few pounds…BIG MISTAKE! I have never used this company before and never intend to do so ever again- nor will I be recommending this company to anyone.

    I work in Telecoms so I know generally how the market works- after doing some basic research i sent my phones off to them-two identical handsets in two separate packages- I did not want them getting confused.

    They claimed first that I didn’t send the handsets to them- so I provided recorded delivery proof - they then sent a email saying one handset was fake!? and the other item had not been received.
    I asked for the ‘fake’ handset to be sent back to me as I did not believe them- IM STILL WAITING FOR IT!!!!

    After providing yet MORE proof of postage they have said that they received my package but it wasn’t the phone that i sent?! but a phone of ZERO value!?

    I sent them two Nokia 8800 handsets- Everyone knows these are expensive phones so im obviously extremely annoyed-I have called, sent various emails and im not getting a satisfactory response

    They are clearly not a reputable company- I have never had to chase for something so much and the promised money is not to be seen.

  78. Janet Huber says:

    Thanks Brian Turner for some reviews on mobile phone recycling companies. There are lots of complaints here about skyphone. Lucky me I haven’t experienced any problem when I sell my phone. Just beware of fraud companies offering a large amount of money in exchange for your old phones. Do some research on feed backs and services reviews of the mobile phone company before sending your items to them.

  79. Ray says:

    Here is some information on owned by Skyphone Europe Ltd

    WHOIS information for :

    NOTICE: Access to .ORG WHOIS information is provided to assist persons in
    determining the contents of a domain name registration record in the Public Interest Registry
    registry database. The data in this record is provided by Public Interest Registry
    for informational purposes only, and Public Interest Registry does not guarantee its
    accuracy. This service is intended only for query-based access. You agree
    that you will use this data only for lawful purposes and that, under no
    circumstances will you use this data to: (a) allow, enable, or otherwise
    support the transmission by e-mail, telephone, or facsimile of mass
    unsolicited, commercial advertising or solicitations to entities other than
    the data recipient’s own existing customers; or (b) enable high volume,
    automated, electronic processes that send queries or data to the systems of
    Registry Operator or any ICANN-Accredited Registrar, except as reasonably
    necessary to register domain names or modify existing registrations. All
    rights reserved. Public Interest Registry reserves the right to modify these terms at any
    time. By submitting this query, you agree to abide by this policy.

    Domain ID:D157473604-LROR
    Domain Name:SKYPHONES.ORG
    Created On:30-Oct-2009 09:27:58 UTC
    Last Updated On:11-Nov-2010 15:39:06 UTC
    Expiration Date:30-Oct-2011 09:27:58 UTC
    Sponsoring Registrar:Spot Domain LLC dba (R87-LROR)
    Registrant ID:dcr-9459279-24b9
    Registrant Name:SKYPHONES EUROPE LTD
    Registrant Organization:SKYPHONES EUROPE LTD
    Registrant Street1:401 FOOTSCRAY ROAD
    Registrant Street2:NEW ELTHAM
    Registrant Street3:
    Registrant City:London
    Registrant State/Province:UK
    Registrant Postal Code:SE9 2DR
    Registrant Country:GB
    Registrant Phone:+44.2088504211
    Registrant Phone Ext.:
    Registrant FAX:+44.2088504211
    Registrant FAX Ext.:
    Admin ID:dca-9459280-66a9
    Admin Organization:SKYPHONES EUROPE LTD
    Admin Street1:401 FOOTSCRAY ROAD
    Admin Street2:NEW ELTHAM
    Admin Street3:
    Admin City:London
    Admin State/Province:UK
    Admin Postal Code:SE9 2DR
    Admin Country:GB
    Admin Phone:+44.2088504211
    Admin Phone Ext.:
    Admin FAX:+44.2088504211
    Admin FAX Ext.:
    Tech ID:dct-9459281-70e3
    Tech Organization:SKYPHONES EUROPE LTD
    Tech Street1:401 FOOTSCRAY ROAD
    Tech Street2:NEW ELTHAM
    Tech Street3:
    Tech City:London
    Tech State/Province:UK
    Tech Postal Code:SE9 2DR
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    Tech FAX:+44.2088504211
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    Name Server:NS1.DOMAINSITE.COM
    Name Server:NS2.DOMAINSITE.COM
    Name Server:NS3.DOMAINSITE.COM
    Name Server:NS4.DOMAINSITE.COM
    Name Server:
    Name Server:
    Name Server:
    Name Server:
    Name Server:
    Name Server:
    Name Server:
    Name Server:
    Name Server:

  80. Ray says:

    By the way just checked the company house website and it shows that skyphones europe ltd is going to be dissolved.

    Here is the information:

    Name & Registered Office:
    SE9 2DR
    Company No. 07199755

    Status: Active - Proposal to Strike off
    Date of Incorporation: 23/03/2010

    Country of Origin: United Kingdom

    Company Type: Private Limited Company
    Nature of Business (SIC(03)):
    None Supplied

    Accounting Reference Date: 31/03
    Last Accounts Made Up To: (NO ACCOUNTS FILED)
    Next Accounts Due: 23/12/2011
    Last Return Made Up To:
    Next Return Due: 20/04/2011 OVERDUE

    Previous Names:
    No previous name information has been recorded over the last 20 years.

  81. Thomas S says:

    I sent my phone into Mazuma mobile a few months ago and was given the full advertised price, despite my phone being in very bad cosmetic shape. (was held together by duct tape). However i did use the Australian version of the site so there may be some difference there.

  82. Kevin Holloway says:

    Everybody here is complaining about Skyphones, but be warned cash4phones is another company that will scam you, it has now been two months since they received my phones, and they just keep saying the cheque will be sent out today, I have been in contact with there customer service on no more then a dozen occasions, but still no payment for phones.

  83. graham lyons says:

    i sent my phone to fonecraze last march and still waiting on payment

  84. Peter Spokes says:

    I think the general rule is to not use Skyphone.

    Will probably go with Envirophone!

  85. Adrian H says:

    Mazuma worked great for my wife’s knackered old phone…

    My wife’s old iPhone 3 was horribly disfigured, bits of case broken off all over the place, and it certainly wasn’t working properly anymore (I recall it had had alll sorts of problems) - you would take one look and say “bin”. My daughter told me about Mazuma and I thought, give it a try. I suspect it is key to honestly describe which of the 2 categories, working or not-working, it falls in. I described ours as not working, I was quoted just under £50 on screen, great, I print off the mailing label etc and the next day I get an email saying phone received, and later the same day the money was wired to my account. I am gutted I don’t own shares in this business and surprised that one doesn’t hear about it more frequently… I also almost never write reviews, but in this case, top marks start to finish.

  86. Sian Chambers says:

    SellOldPhones are also causing a few problems!!

    I sent three iPhones to SellOldPhones for recycling, by now I should have received a cheque for approx £450, I have had nothing!!

    I’ve emailed twice and have had no response.

    I dont think I’ll ever use a phone recycling company again…I’d rather throw it in the bin than see them make profit from something I paid for!!

  87. Shauna says:

    Joke.. online was offered £104 in argos vouchers.
    Got an email only offering me £24. Called them & was told the 3 days were up & thats all they were offering me. After negotiation they offered me £74 cash or £84 in argos vouchers. Eventually my argos card was topped up with only £74. After calling them was told its too late. Never use this site again. Rubbish.

  88. Greg says:

    Should have come here first. Sent mine to Mobile Phone Xchange in MINT condition and very well packaged only to be told the screen now needs replacing and the battery cover is broken now worth £6. Total scam, do not use EVER, oh and £10 if you dont like it and want your phone back.

  89. Mike says:

    Wanted to sell my old Nokia 3510i, had a laugh though seriously after entering the model number in the site, guess what came back? oh goodie I can recieve a cheque for £0.00 an instant bank transfer for £0.00 or an Argos voucher for £0.00. Hmm choices, phone is in good working order, now I would rather keep it as a backup phone rather than recieve a null value, can’t believe how generous they would be to even print a cheque and send it out, I think it’s a waste of their paper and ink you know. A phone is a phone no matter how you look at it and it works, so I would be recieveing nothing for something that works, even this model is going on Ebay for at least something, even 99p, and here’s the wisdom words “It pays to shop around” mazumaripoff dot com.

  90. Pete says:

    Just a word to avoid Envirophone. I sent my perfect Iphone 3GS to them on the promise of £113.00. However, when they received it suddenly it had a ‘cracked back’ and the offer was £62.00. I have asked around and 2 other people I know who sent Iphones to them had a reduction due to a ‘cracked back’. Coincidence……….??

    Also, for some reason, it takes them 10 days to transfer a small amount of money.

  91. Ian Malcolm says:

    I can’t see any reports here from “Top Dollar Mobile”, THIS IS ONE! I’ve just had a very bad experience with them. I offered them my Motorolo RazrV8, and they offered me £11.50. I accepted this & sent it to them (it was in pristine condition & fully charged & in working order).A few days later I got confirmation of receipt & their offer saying everything was fine & I would be paid in 5 days. After another few days they e-mailed me to say there were “discrepancies”on my phone. A counter offer of £1.86 was made!! I refused it & requested my phone to be sent back, they replied to say OK, but you will HAVE to pay them £5.95 post & packing first! This is a classic SCAM -AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS

  92. Martin says:

    Avoid Cash4Phones too - I was quoted £150 for two iPhone 3’s and got an email with revised offers totalling £90 because of “excessive wear and tear” (not true). I now have to either accept the offer or pay £4.95 each to return them. On principle, I am getting them returned.

  93. Julie. Burrows says:

    My son sent his mobile phone into mobile phone X change it was a new phone and they will not give us the mobile back because they said it’s stolen or lost and as a red flag on the mobile. They will not return the mobile back to us. After numerous phone calls and emails we still have no mobile or cash. The mobile was brand new. And we still have the receipt and box this company are not fair

  94. Lindsey says:

    who do you people think you are. you say you are a legitimate company and everything will be sorted in due course. but you are also operating under fonecraze, which everyone has now been made aware of. so I suggest u get these issues and payments sent out asap, or we will all be exposing you too the papers, trading standards, consumer rights and most of all the police. people like you are the lowest of the low and think you can get away with what you like. well not on this occasion. so pay up, or get showed up. as ur acting like pick pockets and theirs and that is not acceptable.

  95. John R says:

    I got a quote for £91.00 for my htc phone from recycle my only used the phone for 2 months so was in great condition, so I posted away to them special delivery that cost me over £6.00 only to get a email back saying they were only given me £64.00 for it what a joke, I asked for them to return the phone to me but they said they don’t return phones. there was only couple of small black marks on the rubber parts on the back of the phone because of the case I had it in but would have rubbed out without any problem. I got email back saying terms and conditions but there is nothing on there website.
    Yet again rip of britain

  96. Rees Marshall says:

    My advice is to steer well clear!
    Sent off my phone, received email saying received (good) but could not Login to track progress. After 7 working days No money received as promised and I expect things to get worse. Something tells me they are scammers. Watch this space.

  97. Rees Marshall says:

    Ooops, my previous post was regarding RECYCLEMYSMARTPHONE>COM!

  98. James says:

    Rees anyluck with yet
    Iv been waiting 9days for payment and there ignoring e mails and there is no contact number

  99. James says:

    fonehub r the same.Offering high price but latter always something wrong and pay u very low price.They pay but…
    Be aware.

  100. Jignesh says:

    I have just been scammed by

    They don’t have any contact number on their website. I sent my Blackberry 9780 which only had a white screen issue. They received it and they claimed it has liquid damage!
    When I demanded my phone back they claimed that according to their terms and conditions (which is no where to be found on their website) they don’t have to give it back to me!
    When I argued, they demanded £15 off me! I am going to report this to consumer direct and watchdog.

    I have been digging into this this and came across these posts. Meanwhile, I have managed to find some information about these scammers.

    owner-contact: P-MEW1905
    owner-fname: Marc
    owner-lname: Weyer
    owner-street: H4-H5 ABBEY FARM COMMERCIAL PARK
    owner-city: SOUTHWELL ROAD
    owner-state: NORWICH
    owner-zip: NR10 3JU
    owner-country: GB
    owner-phone: +44.1603898250
    owner-email: Email

  101. helen barnes says:

    phone recycling bank - SCAMMERS!

    I searched on the web to look for the best money back offer for my old Samsung Galaxy Ace and PRB came on top. I logged in my details (24/9/12) and a couple of days later duly received their prepaid envelope and sent it off (27/9/12). I then posted if off from a post office, making sure I got proof of posting.

    We waited a couple of weeks and then having heard nothing, contacted them again (7/10/12). (I should perhaps mention I gave birth on 1/10/12 and so have much better things to do with my time!!!) My log in account said that they were still awaiting phone and when I e-mailed them, they too said that it had not been booked in. (8/10/12). With proof of posting, it was not possible to track the delivery. At this point my husband (a police officer) started to do some research on the company and read some reviews which really got us worrying. It seemed that an awful lot of people were either having phones lost or arriving damaged.

    After telling them that there was no tracking number, I then received a reply (11/10/12) saying that they had received ‘an empty damaged package which matched my account’ and that they would be unable to take any further action. We phoned and asked for the packaging to be returned, in case my husband to get any forensic from it and for evidence for the royal mail and I logged the IME number as lost/stolen. They replied saying that they would ‘requested further details from the warehouse and I will update you when I have received a response.’ (12/10/12)

    Having not heard anything further, I then contacted them again (18/10/12) to see what they had ‘found out’. I received a reply from PRB the same day saying ‘Our transport manager is currently forwarding your contact details to the Royal mail who will be in touch with you to advise further.’

    By 23/10/12 I had still not heard anything so phoned the company. The phone operative said that the Transport manager had e-mailed my details to Royal Mail but when I phoned Royal Mail they had no knowledge of this. I e-mailed PRB and asked if they were then putting in a claim for me to which they replied, Thank you for your e mail. I can advise that we have sent your information to the royal mail. The royal mail will contact you.

    Obviously no such thing happened!! By this stage I was getting more than a little fed up and so started to put a claim in to Royal Mail, as in the original letter from PRB which came with the freepost envelope, it said that with proof of postage, my package would be covered by Royal Mail loss or damage for up to £41.

    To help fill in the form, I contacted them again, eg: when did the package arrive? (Remember I made contact with them on 7/10/12 initially when they had no evidence of it and then heard on 11/10/12 that it arrived damaged.) The e-mail said;
    The parcel was never actually ‘delivered’ to us, we were notified by the Royal Mail Investigation Team Manager on the 2nd October that they had discovered the empty packet in their network. He brought the packet into us to gain some more information to aid his investigation
    We have supplied all of the information that we had to the Royal mail, and this investigation is now being dealt with by them.
    Unfortunately we are unable to assist any further.
    The above email statement is contradictory to the Royal mail claims.

    A part of my claim, I attached a copy of this e-mail. On 8/11/12, I received a letter from Royal Mail saying that I did not qualify for compensation from Royal Mail. Confused, I rang Royal Mail to ask why and check if they needed further information and was shocked to be told that the business freepost that PRB used on their envelope did not entitle me to their cover and that the compensation cover provided by Royal Mail would have been for £46 not £41 in any case!!! I would have to make a claim from PRB!!!!

    I am so fed up and angry at the incompetance and lies. I have rung again and am waiting for the manager to phone back. If there is no satisfactory response I will report them to trading standards and take them to the small claims court!!!!

    I have kept all correspondence and can backup all my statements.

  102. Dave says:

    Having read all the above comments I think your only safe bet when selling your old phone is Mazuma. I have sold three phones to them. Every time I can print a postage label at home , they pay the price quoted, I get a cheque in days. They are absolutley first class.

  103. Matt670 says:

    Same story with me too. received an email 2 weeks ago saying they have received the phone, but no money has reached my account yet.

    Stay away from

  104. Matt670 says:

    Sorry, I take it back.

    I sent an email this morning and the money has credited into my account within 1 hour. although they have paid £142 instead of £161 (no communication to discuss a reduced amount) but after having read the horror stories i think i am smiling that i got something.

  105. Helen says:

    RECYCLEMYSMARTPHONE.COM offered me £240 for my old phone. I posted it recorded delivery but they said they haven’t got it after over a week, DESPITE the track and trace on Royal Mail’s website telling me it was signed for at that address THE VERY NEXT DAY!!! They’re ignoring my emails and there’s no contact number. Great :(

  106. Elizabeth A Hextall says:

    Mazuma did just what they said. A very old and tired N95 phone was sent with the back stuck together with gaffer tape and knackered speakers. As long as it swiched on you got the £44. Paid immediately.

  107. fred says:

    have used mobilephone exchange and carnt believe the price they offered. The phone i sent them was changed less than 2 months before and they claim it damaged and offered £8( got it changed just before an upgrade, had been used for less than a week!!!!). Beware of these, nothing at all wrong with the phone just trying to rip me off!!!!…..

  108. Jignesh says:

    Recyclemysmartphone is a scam as well.

    I sent my working phone to them and they claimed that it has water damage so I am not entitled to no payment. If I want my phone back they wanted to charge me about £12-£15 and even if I paid for it I am pretty sure they would have sent me a damaged phone back!

    I am pretty convinced that most of these companies are a scam and never going to send any phones to an online company anymore.
    If your phone is working would recommend to walk in to a CEX shop.
    This might help.
    RSP: Webfusion Limted
    created date: 2010-11-23 13:40:09
    updated date: 2012-11-24 08:40:34
    expiration date: 2013-11-23 13:40:09
    owner-contact: P-MEW1905
    owner-fname: Marc
    owner-lname: Weyer
    owner-street: H4-H5 ABBEY FARM COMMERCIAL PARK
    owner-city: SOUTHWELL ROAD
    owner-state: NORWICH
    owner-zip: NR10 3JU
    owner-country: GB
    owner-phone: +44.1603898250
    admin-contact: P-MTW1921
    admin-fname: Marc
    admin-lname: Weyer
    admin-street: H4-H5 ABBEY FARM COMMERCIAL PARK
    admin-city: SOUTHWELL ROAD
    admin-state: NORWICH
    admin-zip: NR10 3JU
    admin-country: GB
    admin-phone: +44.1603898250
    tech-contact: P-WML2167
    tech-organization: Webfusion Limited
    tech-fname: Webfusion
    tech-lname: Limited
    tech-street: 5 Roundwood Avenue
    tech-city: Stockley Park
    tech-state: Uxbridge
    tech-zip: UB11 1FF
    tech-country: GB
    tech-phone: +44.8712309525
    tech-fax: +44.8709126612
    billing-contact: P-WML2167
    billing-organization: Webfusion Limited

  109. belinda says:

    Just read these comments and getting really son sent his iPad to them 3weeks ago and still no money,and only one email they have sent.hard to get any response from them.I have now emailed them myself,hoping for the best.

  110. belinda says:

    If you want to get hold of recycycle my smart phone contact Toms mobiles in Norwich,its part of the same company.The owners are called Marc and Andrea Weyer,they take in your phone or iPad etc to one address and sell it out of Toms mobiles,not so clever,will be turning up tomorrow you f…..s,can’t wait.DO NOT USE THEM.

  111. andrea says:

    Recyclemysmartphone is not a SCAM. Firstly to Belinda we do reply to every email we receive the only time this is not possible is when the CUSTOMER has not given us the correct email. Secondly we clearly state on our website us DO NOT take water damaged phones it is on the first page in bold type. We can return these phones but at the point we have received them they have cost us around £10/£15 and that’s without the labour costs involved. Trading standards have told us we are in the right to ask for payment to cover this. We DO NOT make up water damage we do send each customer a picture of the phone if there are any problems with it. Login in problems are normally down to the customer forgetting there login details. Do not post on here unless your facts are 100% correct it can be detrimental to a business

  112. Peter says:

    I sent my expensive phone to RecycleMySmartphone and they claim that they didn’t receive it. They are saying that it’s down to a recent change in premises and that Royal Mail failed to deliver the phone to them. Obviously this is cods wallop. Reporting them to Trading Standards since they have relinquished responsibility.

  113. Tim Chalklen says:

    Mobile Phone Xchange are not worth using. I was quoted £75 for an Apple iPhone and received £12, because the phone was late (because they took ages to send me an envelope), minor cracks in the casing (not identified as an issue on their website) and because a button didn’t work, which was fine when I posted it!

    Wish I had found this article before I used them. Cannot recommend them at all

  114. Dean says:

    Never ever use O2 Recycle. Its a scam. I sent items to them of which they changed the quote and when I called them they told me they do not have the items anymore. It is a scam. O2 claims they do not have anything to do with the company. You have been warned. Do not use O2 Recycle.

  115. Jane says:

    I sent my Blackberry Curve off to Mazuma after supplying all the reference numbers. They promised to pay £40 by return. Now they have the phone, they emailed to say it has been reported as stolen and they are going to keep it! This is outrageous. I have had the phone from new and have all the paperwork. It seems if the phone is in perfect condItion, they still find a way of not paying you.

  116. Sal says:

    Using Recycle my smart phone.

    They confirmed receipt on 22/01/13. Finally got conformation off them on 04/02/13 that payment would be processed on the 5th.

    Nothing as of yet. I will give them until the 7th to send my payment. I will update you with the situation then.

    In fairness to the company, they have at least replied to my emails when I have sent them. I imagine the slow response is due to them being a small company.

    But i’ll let you all know.

  117. Sadie says:

    Has anyone had any luck with

    I sent them my iphone 4s on Sat 1st Feb recorded delivery to the address they sent in an email (they also sent me a self address jiffy bag in the post)

    The address on both of these was Freepost RSZC-XHLT-TYLZ, 11 Mill Road, Norwich, NR12 7LQ.

    However, after looking on their website, they have a different address on Cromer Road, Norwich.

    I have sent two emails and haven’t heard anything back.

    I’m really concerned that they have two different addresses, even though they specifically told me to send it to Mill Road, but have a different address on their site.

    Tried to log in to website but telling me my email address is invalid even though they emailed me to the same address!

    Has anyone managed to get hold of a phone number for these people as I can’t find one anywhere?

  118. Sal says:

    Update for you all.

    Had the same response off them regarding payment.

    Have informed them that they have until Friday to pay me or return the phone otherwise I will be sending them a “breach of contract” letter from my solicitor.

    The letter will also be informing them that if they fail to take action I will be taking them to a small claims court.

    Will keep you posted

  119. Stuart says:


    I sent my old iphone 4 to these on the 15th December. Had emails from saying payment has been delayed. Have now noticed that their website is down and they are no longer contactable by email.

    Feel totally scammed now. Anyone know what I should do now? How can I report this as a crime?

  120. Sal says:

    This is what I have recently be informed of:

    The website has now been shutdown without any notification to customers
    We have now been informed that the business has gone into liquidation

    Any customers that have sent a device to them and have no communication recently need to contact the Consumer Advice Service telephone number 08454 040506, who are able to escalate this to Trading Standards

    RecycleMySmartPhone Details:
    First Floor,
    6 Cromer Road,
    NR6 6ND
    Telephone Number: 07809676731
    Director: Marc Graham Weyer

    I am in discourse with CAS, and as usual will keep you all updated with what comes of it.

    Unfortunately I am not holding out much hope.

  121. Henrique says:

    I have sold my phone to Mobile Phone EXchange in March 2013, after being promised to be paid GBP 62 pounds. To my surprise, as soon as they received my phone, which was in full working order, they sent me an email with a final price of GBP 10. They sent me lots of pictures that did not look like my phone and mentioned several faults which my phone did not have before it left my residence. After receiving their email, I replied and demanded my phone back. After a few weeks of waiting, nothing happened. When I called, they informed me that they had sent me my phone via UPS.
    I contacted UPS and they informed me that my phone was going to be dispatched within a couple of days. To my surprise, I received an adulterated package with nothing in it. I immediately reported it to both companies who then told me that an investigation would be taking place. UPS informed that someone was going to collect the empty envelope to help with the investigation. A person came in and collected an envelope. A few days later, I called UPS again to chase up for the resolution and they informed me that a reimbursement has been approved and that I should take that up with Mobile Phone Exchange as they had to send out all the paperwork. Since then, it has been a nightmare. Several months have now passed and I still haven’t received my phone or a replacement for it. After several phone calls made and emails that I sent to them, nothing has been done and the customer services doesn’t seem to have a clue of what is going on.

    I feel frustrated and violated as I was expecting that an smooth transaction would be easy to be completed; however, the problem seems to be getting out of hand.

  122. James says:

    I sold a brand new Samsung Galaxy S 7 Edge phone which I paid £720 for. Phone Recyclers offer me £385 and then when they got it claimed a tiny dent. 1mm x 1mm meant they could only offer me £285. This phone was perfect condition when I sent it to them!
    They would not send me the phone back and refused to respond to my emails or calls. Only when I sought legal advice did I get paid £285 which is way below what it was worth. This was over 2 months later. I had the phone blocked and it will stay blocked.
    This company is a CHEATING SCAM! DO NOT use Phone recyclers. AVOID this company at all costs and share this true story. I have full evidence to back this up with all my emails to them.

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