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Leanne Yip
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Barnes and Noble have called their new Nook ereader ‘the simple touch reader’ which overall does sum up this product as a whole.

Costing just $139 (about £90) it is one of the cheapest ereaders out there.

Its main competitor is obviously the Kindle however the Nook has some extra features over the Kindle.

The display is a 6” touchscreen which makes navigating through menus and the book store very easy. However the lack of a physical keyboard makes typing text sluggish, as it uses an on screen keyboard.

E ink pearl technology is used on the Nook to create a high-contrast 16-level greyscale display.

This makes reading lovely and clear, yet the kindle has sharper text and images in comparison.

Many ereaders create a black flash every page but the nook does this only every 6 pages, which makes page turns uber quick.

PDFs can be read with the nook: however I would not recommend this. PDFs on the Nook cause havoc! When zooming into a page the whole format will change and become almost unreadable, also you cannot switch to landscape mode if required.

Barnes and Noble do not offer a 3G version of the new nook. Nevertheless it does have a very basic web browser that can be used for basic searching however will struggle with complex sites.

The Nook’s exterior is made out of black rubber, which makes holding the Nook extremely comfortable. At 7.48 ounces it is lighter than a paperback, so again makes it easy to hold.

It is not as thin as the Kindle, but I doubt a few millimetres will make a huge difference to your experience. The 4 rubber buttons on the sides are very stiff, so needs quite a lot of force to press, which can be frustrating.

Similarly, to the Kindle it also promises a 2 month battery life on one full charge. Nook Friends, acts as a social network between Nook users.

It lets you lend books to your friends for a limited time, which can be very useful.

However not many people have Nooks at the moment so I think this feature is currently ineffective while Kindle is king.


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