Nook Colour Tablet Review

Leanne Yip
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Barnes and noble are usually associated with there well accomplished ereaders however, similarly to Amazon they have developed a new tablet.

Costing $249 (about £155) it is a very inexpensive tablet compared to the iPad 2 and the Samsung Galaxy tab, but does it contain the same quality.

Dimension of the device is 8.1x5x0.48 inches (hxwxd) and has a slick metal and plastic finish.

Weighing 15.8 ounces it’s a quite heavy device to hold in the hand so can get tiresome when holding up the tablet for a long time.

Looking around the device it has a 3.5mm headphone jack so ordinary 3.5mm jack headphones can be used.

Also there is a micro sd card slot to expand the external memory up to 32gb and has 8gb of internal memory but only 5gb that is useable.

The Nook’s 7-inch colour touch screen displays more than 16 million colours.

It has a high resolution display at 1024 x 600 giving 169 pixels per inch which gives very sharp images and text.

The screen can be viewed from almost any angle, so is great for sharing the screen when reading or playing games with friends and family.

It runs Android 2.1 seamlessly as it is running on a fast CPU however the Nook Colour does not have all the normal Android features. It does have some apps to download such as Angry Birds and Uno, however the range is quite limited.

But let’s not forget about reading. The nook is better than the iPad and Galaxy tab at reading indoors or outdoors.

However if you are primarily looking for a device for reading then e-link readers are the best option as they have no strain on the eyes and are much lighter devices to hold for long periods of time.


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