Panasonic SC-BTT755EBK Full HD 3D Blu-ray Disk Home Cinema System

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Home theatre system that can produce original film quality is hard to come by. Most systems that do, will cost you an arm and a limb. The Panasonic SC-BTT755EBK might be just what you’ve been looking for. At £379, you get video quality and excellent audio performance that matches original film quality found only in theatres.

The SC-BTT755EBK gives you some really good features too. To start you of, the SC-BTT755EBK is a full 3D HDTV. This means that lifelike 3D images with dramatic leaping effects and enhanced depth, lustre and texture are beautifully reproduced. It supports MP3,JPEG, DivX, DivX HD, and DivX Plus HD as well as AVCHD, JPEG, MPEG2. Furthermore, the SC-BTT755EBK is a DLNA device which can stream video and audio from you PC (with a DLNA server).

The most notable feature is the PHL Reference Chroma Processor Plus which is a high quality image-processing technology developed to precisely process each pixel of the Blu-ray Disc video signal in the vertical direction. It reproduces colour data more faithfully than the conventional system.

The Panasonic SC-BTT755EBK comes in with 4 tallboy speakers, 1 subwoofer, 1 center speaker, the Blu-ray player, and finally, the remote control. With the SC-BTT755EBK you get a lot of options such as 1 HDMI port that supports 3D and ARC content types, 1 optical port for digital audio, an auxillary port for analog audio, 1 component port, a USB slot, SD card slot, and as a bonus, a iPod/iPhone dock that can play music, videos, or photos that doubles as a charger for your apple device.

The audio performance of the Panasonic SC-BTT755EBK sounds really good. The sound from speaker box with wide width will reduce unwanted sound reflection from the baffle. The slim-type speaker box also reduces unwanted reflections, and brings out high quality pure direct sound. It even has a 7.1ch virtual surround effect while using a 5.1ch system. But even with just the 5.1, the sound quality is superb.

As for video performance, the Panasonic SC-BTT755EBK exhibits excellent video quality on both 2D and 3D high definition content. SD are upscaled to almost HD-like quality. As mentioned, the SC-BTT755EBK can produce original film quality via the PHL Reference Chroma Processor Plus. This technology developed by Panasonic has catapulted them to the top along with Sony and Samsung.


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