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Panasonic’s VT25 series was hugely successful when it was launched last year. Now, the Japanese TV manufacturer is introducing their TC-PVT30 model for consumers to enjoy in their very own living room. You have a 55-inch 3D plasma screen, THX certification, Infinite Black Pro 2 panel, Viera Connect Internet Suite, and 3D compatible SD card slot - in nearly every way the VT30 lives up to the expectation.

The TC-PVT30 is made up of a single pane of glass that covers the entire panel. There is a thin strip of silver along the edge that serves as a border to offset the glossy black panel. At the bottom, there is a slight bulge that houses the speaker and is set back discretely that you wouldn’t even know that it’s there. The design is really very simple, but classy nonetheless.

For connections, the TC-P55VT30 comes with analog components, composite video inputs, 3 USB inputs, RS232 control, an SD Card slot (used by the VIERA Image Viewer for playing slide shows, pictures and videos from the SD Card), stereo audio, RF and an optical digital. You will have to use breakout cables for all of these. Fortunately, the 4 HDMI ports and 3 USBs need none of those.

Like other major TV manufacturers, Panasonic redesigned their own internet suite, added an app store, and expanded the content offerings. Now called the Viera Connect, users will be able to access Amazon Instant, Facebook, Youtube, Pandora, Twitter, Dailymotion, Napster, Picasa, Gameloft games and others. Skype is optional.

The TC-PVT30 may be the best set available - as far as performance is concerned - this year. It performed excellently in tests. Its black levels may be the deepest among competing brands. Its shadow detail is also superior. Color accuracy is very good, video processing is excellent, and of course it enjoys the near-perfect uniformity of plasma.
THX on the VT30 is infinitely better when compared with their previous models, with improved gamma and grayscale. It is even better especially in terms of primary color luminance.

The VT30 is a very good 3D performer. It can definitely compete with other brands and models out in the market today.


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