Panasonic TH-42PH10UK Plasma TV

Franz Bicar
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panasonic-th-42ph10uk.jpgPanasonic’s TH42PH10UK Professional HDTV series achieves picture quality that gets the point across in a clear, colorful way. The TH42PH10UK displays a maximum of 29 billion. 16-bit processing produces 3,072 shades of gradation. The more a TV has, the more colors you see. The high contrast ratio of up to 10,000:1 ensures rich blacks and stunning whites.

All of the technology comes wrapped in a smooth black exterior that looks good whether it’s on or off. Impress your co-workers, students, or business partners with this high definition TV.

With the TH42PH10UK, you won’t have to worry about giving presentations or lectures nor getting nervous with the equipment. Using reliable, professional equipment like this plasma HDTV prepares you for success. The Progressive Cinema Scan (3:2 Pulldown) achieves faithful movie reproduction through an analog-to-digital conversion. The widescreen 16:9 width-to-height aspect ratio projects movies the way directors intended. Add the unique professional features like weekly command timer, dual picture mode, digital zoom, and a built-in video wall image enlarger, plus more, and you’re on your way to a triumphant presentation.

The TH42H10UK comes loaded with a multi-function input slot system. Which means it integrates seamlessly in virtually any AV, PC, or interactive environment, so it can be used in the widest range of vertical or horizontal display applications.

It comes standard with PC Input, Audio Input (for PC), Serial Control (RS-232C) Input, BNC Component Video/RGB Input and Audio Input, BNC Composite Video Input, S-Video Input, and Audio Input (for Video). There is an available slot for an optional terminal board. Or, you can remove the standard boards and mount up to three optional boards.

The TH42PH10UK 42″ compact size is perfect for moving from room to room. Plus you can choose from various energy-saving functions like DPMS, auto power off, power save mode, and more. All of these features granted this plasma an ENERGY STAR, which means it passes rigorous government standards for saving energy.



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