Panasonic TX-P46S20B 1080p Plasma TV

Franz Bicar

Panasonic isn’t done yet. They continue to innovate and stay ahead of their competition. The release of the Panasonic Viera TX-P46S20B has shown that the reign over competitors has not yet ended.

The slim, black frame of the TX-P46S20B is crammed with the latest picture boosting technologies such as brightness boosters, energy-saver, colour-enhancing NeoPDP technology. It also includes a Freeview HD tuner wherein you can watch Freeview HD channels as long as you are a resident in the United Kingdom.

As with any TV with a Freeview HD tuner, the TX-P46S20B comes in with an Ethernet port which can stream files from a DLNA-certified PC, or take you online to Panasonic’s ring-fenced VieraCast web service. It also has 3 HDMI ports, 1 component video input, and an optical port. Rounding it up are the SD and USB slots. More HDMI ports would be nice as other sets at this price range has 4 or 5.

As mentioned, the TX-P46S20B can take you to sites such as Daily Motion, YouTube, Picasa, Bloomberg,and Eurosport bulletins. Using the USB and the SD card slots, you can play JPEG photos, MP3 songs, AVCHD/DivX/MPEG2 video files directly onto the screen.

The USB port can also be used an optional USB dongle that introduces Wi-Fi functionality. Even better, it can actually be used for recording programmes from the digital tuners to an external USB HDD drive. However, recording programs to USB sticks won’t work. You need to have a minimum of 160GB HDD from Panasonic’s tried and tested partners for its USB recording system - Buffalo’s new JustStore Desktop HD-EU2-UK series.

The good news is that the recordings when they’re finally happening are excellent. The drive simply records the HD or standard def digital stream, in fact, so you’ll be hard-pushed to detect any difference at all between an original broadcast and a Panasonic USB recording.

Also impressive is the fact that you can set the TV to buffer to USB what you’re watching, giving you the option of an instant rewind if you’re momentarily distracted for some reason.

For its performance, Panasonic has certainly moved up away from its competition. One of the reasons for this is Panasonic’s NeoPDP technology. NeoPDP vastly improves the picture quality bringing every detail on screen to life. NeoPDP together with 600HZ technology in the TX-P46S20 produced the smoothest images that are virtually blur free and incredibly sharp even on fast action films or fast motion sports.

The NeoPDP technology on the Panasonic TX-P46S20 also brings vast improvements to the Real Black Drive System. The Real Black Drive system on the Panasonic VIERA TX-P46S20 accomplishes a new generation of black reproduction and with VIERA recreates scenes the way the director intended, and even when it is difficult to achieve a proper balance between light and dark.

The Panasonic TX-P46S20B is a fantastic television and you get a lot of technology for your money. With just the NeoPDP, you get top of the line video performance. Panasonic have made some drastic improvements it and it really shows.

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